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Avocado Chocolate Could Be The Best Thing You'll Ever Eat For Breakfast

by Lareese Craig ,
Avocado Chocolate Could Be The Best Thing You'll Ever Eat For Breakfast

Why have crushed avo on toast with a poached egg and a dizzle of lemon if you can have avocado in chocolate form hey? Those were our thoughts exactly as soon as we heard our favourite superfood and junk food were coming together as one. Grab a bib, you're gonna need it.

First came the Amsterdam's avocado restaurant, then came avo mayo but who'd have thought that the creamy dreamy fruit (if you thought it was a veggie, you're not alone) we put on our toast and our T-zone would be venturing into the realm of chocolate bars so soon. Well, believe it, 'cos it is happening.

LA-based chocolatier Compartes have created a delicious white chocolate bar jam packed with locally sourced avos fresh out of California. But even good fat bears some bad news. This new choccy habit will set you back around £8 a bar, but let's face it, us avo aficionados are pretty used to being skint, so there's no change there. Literally.

It's not the most likely of food hybrids but we're willing to give it a good go. After all, it means we finally have an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast and that can only be a good thing.

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Lareese Craig
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