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Kitchen Secrets REVEALED! How To Make The Perfect Pizza Base

by Tolani Shoneye ,
Kitchen Secrets REVEALED! How To Make The Perfect Pizza Base

Why order pizza, when you can make your own? It’s easier than you think… Trust us on this one.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than pizza night. It always hits the spot. A glass of white, a good box set on Netflix and piping hot homemade pizza. It doesn't get much tastier when it comes to cosy nights in.

But making pizza from scratch sounds like a lot of effort, right? Well, it kind of depends. You could spend time and man power mixing together pizza base dough or you could install the help of Kenwood’s Chef Sense Kitchen Machine, the latter being the easiest and the smartest option.

This new offering from Kenwood is basically the ultimate kitchen machine for both chefs and those of us with basic kitchen skills. Not only does it mix, beat, whip, fold and knead dough, it’s pretty sleek looking and can transform you from a GBBO watcher to the best chef in the house. Most importantly of all? It makes the perfect pizza base.

Mmm pizza…

To show you how to get the perfect pizza base, we have Helen from The Crazy Kitchen Blog throwing it down in the kitchen, with Chef Sense. She makes a delicious pizza topped with chorizo, onion, red pepper, mozzarella and tomatoes. YUM! This is the perfect recipe for parties and girls night in.

Check out the video here:​


For more information, including full recipes and recipe inspiration, visit the Kenwood website.

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