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You Can Finally Get Your McDonald's Delivered To Your Door With UberEats!

by Lareese Craig ,
You Can Finally Get Your McDonald's Delivered To Your Door With UberEats!

Say goodbye to shuffling into McDonald's with the hangover from hell and wearing yesterday's floordrobe clothes because you can finally get your legendary flat sausage muffin delivered to your door. And to think, we were so close and yet so far from starting that healthy diet. Meh.

We've been hearing whisperings about a McDonald's on wheels for months, but now it's finally available for delivery in the UK thanks to a little teamwork with UberEats. Oh mama, our bedsheets are definitely gonna smell like sausage from here on out - breakfast sausage of course, you filthy lot.

Available in 22 locations in London and 10 others around Nottingham and Leeds, McDelivery is open for business from 7am to 2am. But before you get McFlurry fomo, this is purely a trial run. If the food delivery service is a success - and we can speak on behalf of the nation to say it ruddy well will be - then it will be rolled out to other locations.

Talking to the Metro Claude Abi-Gerges, who runs five McDonald's franchise outlets in London, said: "Delivery is something that my customers often ask about so it's exciting that we're now up and running with a McDelivery in a selection of my London restaurants.

"We're thrilled that we've been chosen as one of the first group of restaurants in the country to offer the service and look forward to hearing our customer's feedback."

The only gripe we have is that it's been a long time coming but McDonald's, if you're listening, we're willing to forgive you for your trespasses if it means we can now enjoy stuffing our puffy post-wine faces without having to do the brown paper bag walk of shame. Amen.

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Lareese Craig
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