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How To Make Icing

by cheree Published on 13 December 2007

Cakes topped with sugary coloured icing look so much better! Here's how to make perfect icing.

Ingredients to make around 300g of icing:

1 egg white
250-300g sifted powdered icing sugar

- Pour the egg white into a bowl and gradually add the icing sugar in small amounts whilst stirring.
Continue beating until the icing becomes firm and shiny and has the consistency of a topping. Little peaks should appear when you take out the spoon.
- Cover the bowl with a warm tea towel for a few minutes before using the icing.
- Pour onto the surface of the cake. The icing will spread out slowly.
- Using a metallic spatula, spread out the mixture until you get it perfect.
- To make patterns or write in icing, use a nozzle. If you don’t have one, make a cone out of tracing paper or greaseproof paper.


- For colourful and tangy icing, use lemon or orange juice (without pulp) instead of egg white. If the mixture is too watery, add a bit more icing sugar.
- You can also replace the orange juice with water and a drop of cocoa powder, coffee or vanilla.
- For more different colours and tastes, use natural flavours and colouring, but make sure you don’t put in too much!

by cheree

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