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Iceland Is Now Selling Vegan Ice Cream And We're Already Salivating

by Lareese Craig ,
Iceland Is Now Selling Vegan Ice Cream And We're Already Salivating© Wehearit

For all those times you've had to stand by and watch your non-vegan, non GF pals dig into a Mr Whippy, proudly dribbling it down their front, well those days are over my friend. It's your turn to dribble because Iceland is selling delicious vegan, gluten-free ice cream. Oh yeah. As of 6th July fomo don't live here anymore!

There's a few things in this life one should never have to go without and ice cream is one of them. Ryan Gosling is another fine example.

But thanks to Iceland, the ice cream side of things has finally been taken care of. Introducing their new fancy range of vegan, gluten free ice cream made from avocados and bananas. YUM. NOM. YUM.

​That's right, not only are they made with one of the most Instgrammable fruits around (still waiting on that avo emoji guys, jees), they're also entirely vegan and gluten free.

And, should you care about calories you're a better person that me but nevertheless, they're only 104 cals per pot and one of your five a day. So it's basically like eating a tub of health.

Available in 3 delicious flavours: Banilla, a banana and vanilla combo, Strawbana, strawbs and banana and Chocana - you guessed it, choccy and banana, you'll never have to experience ice cream envy again. Unless of course you really hate bananas...

The tubs hit the shelves on the 6th July so as of Wednesday, don't expect us to make any social plans anytime soon cos we are otherwise engaged. Love you bye.

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