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Cocktail Class: How To Make A Grand Marnier Spritz

by Maria Bell ,
Cocktail Class: How To Make A Grand Marnier Spritz© sofeminine.co.uk

Grand Marnier? Instead of Aperol? Hear us out 'cos it's well worth it. With its sweet orange flavour this Grand Marnier spritz beats the bitter taste of Aperol any day. We talked to Monica Berg of Pollen Street Social and Grand Marnier to get the low down on how to make this fab cocktail.

We know it's hard to tear yourself away from the hipster Aperol trend but seriously, this cocktail will surprise you with how refreshing it is.

​Grand Marnier's is created by blending cognac with a rare variety of orange from the Caribbean the “Citrus bigaradia” which gives it a timeless, full orange flavour. Pair this with some lemonade and you're on a one way street to summer time drinking this spring!

If that's got you thinking of summer time drinkin', check out these summer cocktails for fruity, refreshing cocktails.

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Big thanks to Monica Berg for sharing her cocktail creation, Pollen Street Social, Grand Marnier and Diageo too. If you fancy making it for yourself, all ingredients can be purchased at Alexander & James and delivered straight to your door.

Maria Bell
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