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Cocktail Class: How To Make A Modern Manhattan

by Maria Bell ,
Cocktail Class: How To Make A Modern Manhattan© sofeminine.co.uk

If you like your cocktails with a kick then this Manhattan won't disappoint. Sophisticated, smooth and hella strong, knowing how to make a killer Manhattan should be top of every cocktail lover's list. So here's how...

Developing a cult following since it's invention in early 19th century New York, the Manhattan is seen by some as the ultimate classic cocktail. But what's a classic if it can't be victim to a twist or two every once in a while?

So we spoke to Monica Berg, Bar Manager at Pollen Street Social to get her take on a classic manhattan. Traditionally a manhattan is made with whiskey, but here Monica is using Ron Zacapa dark rum. Ron Zacapa is aged at a high altitude (actually above the clouds) and is warm and smoky, with vanilla and cocoa notes which taste amazing against the Sweet Vermouth and bitters in a Manhattan.

​Trust us, this little baby will blow your socks off.

So just follow these simple steps and make this Manhattan for yourself!

How To Make A Modern Manhattan Cocktail

We feel like we're getting tipsy just looking at that recipe but if you need something to top off your evening. Have a look at these five rum cocktails for a bit of inspiration.

Pina Colada © spicedblog.com
Pina Colada
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Thanks to Pollen Street Social, Diageo, Ron Zacapa and of course, Monica Berg for helping us make this moreish Manhattan!

Maria Bell
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