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How To Make A Gin Martini: The Secret Trick You All Need To Know

by Maria Bell ,
How To Make A Gin Martini: The Secret Trick You All Need To Know© Sofeminine UK

We won't beat around the bush, most guides to mixing 'perfect' Martinis are utter bull. Like your favourite cuppa, everyone has their own 'perfect' blend - BUT, that doesn't mean that you can't nail a few of the mixology basics to make one stonking gin Martini cocktail...Here's how it's done.

We spoke to Sebastian Hamilton-Mudge, International Brand Ambassador for Beefeater to get his top tips and tricks. They're enough to make any Martini-drinker weak at the knees (and not just because these things are STRONG). Where martinis are concerned, Sebastian is the only guy you need to talk to.

Sebastian says: "There's a whole language for Martinis and how you can order them. So if you use a ratio that's the easiest way to let a bartender know how you'd like it. The less vermouth the drier the Martini. The more vermouth the wetter. So the standard 'Dry Martini' is ten parts gin, one part vermouth."

He reveals that the "real trick to a martini is a dilution point because temperature subdues flavours."

When gin is first poured it's very alcoholic on the nose, when it's at the right dilution point, it will smell of the botanicals of the gin without the harsh alcohol. Clever huh?

What you need:

Sebastian says that although there's "no such thing as the ‘ultimate gin Martini’, as they are made bespoke for each drinker" and everyone has their own preferred way, "a good starting point would be a 10:1 ratio Martini, with a twist."

For that, these are the ingredients and measurements you need: ​

  • 50ml Beefeater Gin
  • 5ml Dolin De Chambery
  • Lemon Twist to garnish

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Maria Bell
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