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14 Signs You're Definitely Turning Into Your Mother

by Emmy Griffiths ,
14 Signs You're Definitely Turning Into Your Mother

Ever heard the phrase 'like mother like daughter?' As much as we don't want to admit it (or maybe we do), everyone resembles their mother a teeny bit, and this only grows dramatically with age. So how do you know you're slowly turning into your mum? In honour of Mother's Day on Sunday, here are the signs to look out for...

You subconsciously imitate her sayings

"You are getting on my last nerve", "nice try but no cigar", "I said no. I mean no" are all popular choices in your mother's repertoire, and you occasionally catch yourself saying the same thing, despite knowing these words made you storm into your room and listen to Steps for hours back in the day.

You fuss over the same things

Your mum's annoyed tirades used to have you rolling your eyes and shrugging, but now you totally understand her pain.


You list your entire family before you get to the right name

Every mother we've ever encountered does this. Rather than ask you to do something straight away, you go through every family members name including the household pets, your neighbours and that goldfish you had three years ago before you get to the right one.

You are less embarrassed about EVERYTHING

When you were younger, EVERYTHING your mum did in public would cringe you out, whether it be complaining in a supermarket or basically showing you ANY affection. But now you relish being in her company for the same reasons. You love getting a good bargain when a tin is dented AND you love spending time with her (and being fussed over, let's face it).


You have the same phobias

Are particular fears hereditary? They must be because you have the exact same fears as your mother. Whether it's spiders, snakes or heights that you can't stand, at least you're both shrieking and crying together!


You keep the same things in your car

Whatever your mum values most in her car, chances are it's in your car too! From matching air fresheners to a little first aid kit in the glovebox to those sweets you always keep in the side door, you definitely learned your commuting habits from your mum.

People TELL you you're becoming your mother

Do you need any more convincing than that? When the people who have known the pair of you for years tell you you're turning into your mother, there's really no arguing with them because really, who would know better?!


You start giving obvious advice

Telling people to wear jackets because it's chilly outside, suggestion to pack a brolly 'just in case', asking 'have you had a glass of water?' as an answer to ALL of life's problems - yep, you've become Mrs Stating-the-obvious Junior.


You are the BOSS

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all mothers are bossy in their own way, and now you are the same. After all, how else is our ridiculous family going to pay attention to us?!


You begin to prefer tea over cocktails

Sure cocktails are all well and good but oh-so-sugary and bad for you and so full of nasty alcohol to guarantee a hangover tomorrow. When you're staying in with an oversized snuggly jumper, a mug of tea with both hands and a boxset ready to go - you know who you're becoming...


In fact, your opinion on nights out become the same as your mother's when you were 18

If you begin to fuss that you're showing too much skin, worry about money or how you will get home or just how loud it's going to be at the club, chances are you are well on your way to becoming your mother. Bonus points if you drink plenty of caffeine beforehand and even nap in the day to prepare yourself for a party that'll last into the early hours.


You begin to dress similarly

When you go shopping in matching jeans and jumper, you are that bit closer to reaching peak mum.


You begin to prefer shopping for homeware and baking supplies than clothes

Sure new clothes are nice and everything, but did you see those cushions in the window of John Lewis? And just LOOK at this sloe gin making kit!


It's all fine though, because you know your mum is the BEST.


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