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15 Fantastic Gifts Perfect For The Geek In Your Life

by Emmy Griffiths ,
15 Fantastic Gifts Perfect For The Geek In Your Life© via Fanpop

Everyone has that nerdy mate or relative they have to buy a gift for. But what exactly do you get for someone who has better relationships with characters than real life people? Well, we've got some nerdy insight at the sofem office and can safely say these gifts are going to go down a treat.

Game of Thrones Snow Globe

Winter is coming...all on a little globe on your desk! Enclosed in the Game of Thrones snow globe is a weirwood tree with the Night's Watch oath carved around the edge. A collectors item, the globe comes in a collector box with a certificate of authenticity. And it's cuuuuuute!

RRP £85.99
Available here

Amazon Fire HD 7

So you need a gift for someone who really likes TV, films, gaming and literature? Look no further. Amazon's Fire HD 7 Tablet goes beyond ALL expectations. It's a kindle, a camera, a TV and so much more all rolled into one, meaning that your entertainment junkie friend will never be bored as long as this is in their bag. And the best part? It comes five different colours! Choices, choices.

RRP: £99
Available here

Gremlins jumper

Sulking in a reindeer jumper that lights up and plays a tinny jingle bells tune? BURN IT WITH FIRE AND GET THIS INSTEAD. A Christmas wardrobe staple but any Spielberg fans, relive the cuteness and the terror of the Gremlins movie with this mogwai/gremlin patterned jumper. It's almost as cute as Gizmo himself (we said almost!)

​RRP: £52
Available here

The Walking Dead Monopoly

We all play board games over Christmas, so why not mix things up for your zombie obsessed friend? The Walking Dead Monopoly differs from the original as instead of buying properties, you are actually 'defending yourself' from zombie attacks, and there can only be one survivor...

​RRP: £29.99
​Available here

Shakespeare stationary

Literature nerds exist, and they are guaranteed to love a thoughtful gift inspired by the Bard himself. Shakespeare meets stationary? What could a budding writer or avid reader love MORE?!

RRP: £0.85
Available here

Light chop sabers

Make dinners fun (and geeky) with these amazing light chop sabers! The force is strong with this dinner. You do or do not eat with them. There is no try.

RRP: £12.99
Available here

Wand remote control

Want to become an ACTUAL wizard? Well, of your television anyway...this wand acts as a remote control with different wand movements do different things to your television. Sound good? All together everyone: SWISH AND FLICK! P.S. They also do TARDIS versions. Geeky scream together on three!

RRP: £49.95
Available here

Jedi dressing gown

The comfort is strong with this one. Be a masterful Jedi in your snuggly wugglys with this powerful yet comfy dressing gown/Jedi robe. Added bonus if you already have a toy lightsaber and can have hours of untold joy pretending to be in a galaxy far, far away.

RRP: £26.37
Available here

Clever mug

If you understand this reference, you are a funny nerd and need to purchase this mug. Go on now...

RRP: £6.55
Available here

Hobbit slippers

Want to go on an adventure?! These hairy Hobbit slippers will make you embrace the happy Hobbit inside, whether that means venturing out to explore (though they'd probably get ruined fairly quickly), or staying inside your nice Hobbit hole and eating a wheel of cheese. The decision is yours.

RRP: £19.99
Available here

Fantasy travel posters

I DO hear that Hogsmeade is lovely this time of year. From Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings, this Etsy sellers vintage travel posters for places we can never go (unless we take a quick trip to New Zealand and use our imaginations), will look perfect on your nerdy friends wall, we guarantee.

RRP from £4.99
Available here

Sherlock Cluedo

Forget Miss Scarlet and Colonel Mustard, we want to solve Sherlock's cases! Decide if you're Sherlock or Watson in this fangirl's dream Cluedo game!

RRP: £18.99
Available here

Baking Bad

A fan of Breaking Bad? Turn to baking to distract yourself from missing the show with these delicious, blue meth-inspired recipes. As the cover says, 99.1% pure. 100% edible.

RRP: £4.99
Available here

Self stir mug

For the lazy nerd of your life, this mug takes away any possibility that they could hurt themselves through using a spoon by doing it for them! Oh, and it's Star Wars, so they can boast of their Jedi mind skill set. These aren't the teabags you're looking yeah? Yeah?!

RRP: £9.99
Available here


There are book geeks, film geeks and our favourite - technology geeks. The Creative Muvo Mini is sure to satisfy any whiz kid's love of new gadgets as it is a speaker that you can take anyway in the palm of your hand, is waterproof and as loud as they come!

RRP: £49.99
Available here

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This article was written by Emmy Griffiths. Follow her @emmyfg!

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