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20 Ways You Can Make Your Home Extra Christmassy

by Emmy Griffiths ,
20 Ways You Can Make Your Home Extra Christmassy

After a little while, Christmas seems to lose it's edge. Work, shopping and friends get in the way and decorations are put up in a rush: the standard tree in the corner, the old dusty wreath stuck on the door and maybe a few twinkly lights haphazardly strewn around an outside bush. It's time you put your energy back into Christmas! Here are some brilliant and easy ways to make your house full of festive cheer!

1. That Christmas smell

Add cinnamon sticks, pine needles, mandarin oranges, cloves and whatever else smells like home and Christmas to you and simmer in a pan of water until your house smells like delicious, Christmassy goodness.

2. Scented candles

If this is too much effort for your fancy, or you’re already using all of your hobs for your delicious crimbo dishes, Yankee candle have always had top notch Christmassy scents to make your home smell fantastic in no time. Our favourites are Candy Cane Lane, for a clean, frosty morning smell, and Christmas Garland for a fantastic spicy smell.

3. Sparkly footprints

Presumably you have an elf on the shelf, you’ve chewed some of Rudolph’s carrot for the edge of realism and quite happily drank down Santa’s sherry. So how else can you authenticate the big man in a red suit? How about powdering glitter and icing sugar around a pair of boots near the fireplace so it looks like Santa has just stepped out of your fireplace? It’ll go down a storm with the kids, and would look precious!

4. For the kitchen

Sticking your Christmas cards on the mantlepiece might be the classic way to display them, but there's so many other ways to showcase them! Why not try making a mobile to dangle them from the ceiling, or you could even tie red ribbon onto your kitchen cupboards, then stick all of your Christmas cards onto them. Add small wooden pegs for the extra cutesy look!

5. Frosty the fridge/freezer?

Make a fridge Santa by sticking spare wrapping paper in the shape of eyes and a scarf. It’ll look beyond adorable.

6. Bin bag cheer!

Used wrapping paper, table scraps, potato peelings and already broken toys have to go somewhere, and we're eschewing your standard boring black bin bags this Christmas. What are we, some sort of animals?! Instead we are all about these Christmas pudding bin bags, because even your rubbish should be special during Yuletide!

7. Bauble display

Who said baubles only belong on a tree? If you have any hanging lights, tie a few baubles at different levels, disguising the ties with spare branches from your Christmas tree and springs of holly. It couldn’t hurt to add a spring of mistletoe in there as well!

This doesn't just work with light fixtures, add baubles to curtain rails, bannisters and your fireplace!

8. Crochet decorations

Speaking of your tree, red and gold baubles are SO 2011. Why not start mixing your standard decorations up by adding a rustic, Pagan feel with wooden or stitched ornaments? We're especially loving these Laura Ashley animals!

9. Vases full of festive cheer

Have some spare vases around the house? Instead of filling them with flowers, with not fill them with candy canes, gingerbread and chocolate coins for everyone to snack on.

10. A Christmassy welcome

More pine branches than you know what to do with? Wrap them around your bannister accompanied with some fairy lights so your house looks ready for Christmas the moment you walk through the door.

11. Cute overload

Alternatively, wrap some fake snow around your bannisters then pin anything you like on it, be it little penguins, reindeers or elves. They’ll look like they’re sliding down the stairs, and it’ll be TOO cute.

12. Fake snow

Your house is looking EXTREMELY Christmassy, but unfortunately for you the outside weather isn't matching the festive cheer that your home is now exuding. It's a good thing that we know how you can make it a white Christmas! All you need to do is thread cotton wool buds of different sizes onto threads then tie them to your curtain/blinds rail, and it'll be snowing all day every day!

13. Elf chairs

Add elf chair leg covers for an edge of silliness to your celebrations. Not everything has to look sophisticated, Christmas is all about fun!

14. Table decorations

Pop some baubles into upside down wine glasses with tea light candles on top to add quick and easy Christmas flair to your table setting.

15. Name places

Place holders would make that Christmas dinner with your entire extended family that little bit more thought through and special (therefore bound to set the bar for future Christmas dinner parties to come)! You can make these labels with small pine cones, mini chalk boards or, our personal favourite, squirrel place holders.

16. Outdoorsy fun

Since those flower pots have been rendered useless in the cold weather, why not pop one one either side of your door, then fill it with spare pine banches, pine cones and a few baubles? It's super quick and easy to do!

17. Cost cutting lights

Want decorations that'll get people talking? Instead of racking up an electricity bill you'll need a second mortage for, why not do what this cost-savvy homeowner did and put a sneaky Grinch on your front garden, stealing away your lights?

18. Tasty treats

Homemade mulled wine and cider will not only go down a treat with your family, it’ll also make your house smell divine, and will probably have your neighbours casually dropping by for a chat/to drink up your reserves. Fortunately it’s extremely easy to make, and Rekorderlig winter cider has to be the best booze for the job! Basically, you make mulled cider, it gets you friends.

19. Tree shaped cupcakes

Christmas cupcakes always go down a storm, and instead of buying standard (boring) icing, why not get a little creative? Buy a packet of ice cream cones to put on top of the cupcakes, then whip up some icing with some green food colouring and decorate the cone to look positive tree-like, then add tiny silver balls or smarties the make the baubles!

20. The best way of spreading Christmas cheer...

Everyone is allowed to have excruciating taste in tunes over the festive period, and so as long as there is something about 'Santa', 'Jingle Bells' or 'Merry', in the lyrics it should be instantly approved. With that in mind, you should definitely have a bit of background music as you decorate/make cupcakes/light candles, and so why not try Now That's What I Call Christmas, or Michael Buble's Christmas (for a relaxing vibe).

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This was written by Emmy Griffiths. Follow her @emmyfg!

All images via Pinterest.

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