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Celebrities Are Starting To Use Tinder

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Celebrities Are Starting To Use Tinder© Getty

Get swiping girls! It looks like celebrities are about to start using Tinder, and what’s more is they will be getting their profiles verified so we know it’s them! With no danger of being catfished, let’s wade through all of the protein shakers and weirdos until we find our very own celeb. Can you imagine the first date? We just got goosebumps.

Joy to the dating world! Apparently Tinder is introducing celebrity verification to accounts, so any celebrities can confirm it is definitely them who is swiping yes on your beautiful profile and not some nerd sat in his room posing as celebrities (honestly, who even does that?!).

The dating app’s CEO said that the verification will be similar to Twitter, and is being done because when people are lucky enough to find celebs such as Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Kennedy and Josh Groban on the app, they simply assume the account is fake. Rad said: “sometimes celebrities use different names on Facebook. This will allow [them] to enter Tinder in a different way.

“Tinder gives them the control to filter through the noise and communicate with people they want to know.”

So now that Tinder celebs are being verified, can we just discuss how unbelievably exciting it would be if Robert Pattinson or Liam Hemsworth or Tom Hiddleston matched with you. We can’t even comprehend what our reactions would be.

So who would be our ideal finds on Tinder? Check out below and tweet us with your thoughts @sofeminineUK

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