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Furious Kelly Brook contacted Danny Cipriani sex text girls after finding out he cheated

by Esme Riley ,
Furious Kelly Brook contacted Danny Cipriani sex text girls after finding out he cheated© Getty

Poor Kelly Brook was the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons yesterday, after it emerged her boyfriend Danny Cipriani had been sending dirty messages to other women. But it seems the feisty star wasn't prepared to sit back and look stupid - so she decided to get in touch with the girls he'd been contacting.

More details are emerging of the hours after Kelly Brook found out boyfriend Danny Cipriani was sending sexy messages to other women.

The model is said to have hit the roof when she discovered steamy snaps and texts on Danny’s secret phone.

Not one to be made to look stupid, Kelly reportedly contacted the string of girls from the mobile.

Stacey Simcox, 25, yesterday revealed Danny had been sending her increasingly sexy messages.

And now she's claimed that Kelly contacted her last Sunday, initially trying to catch her out by pretending to be Danny.

Stacey says Kelly sent a message from 25-year-old Danny's phone, asking: "Can we meet up again?"

But the brunette from Birmingham had never met the rugby star, so she replied: "What do you mean?"

Believing at the time that she was speaking to Danny, Stacey teasingly asked if his message was meant for another girl.

This was 33-year-old Kelly's cue to come clean.

She replied: "Another Girl?? Spent an hr texting you all. It’s Kelly Brook here."

The Celebrity Juice panellist then sent Stacey an explicit photo of a naked woman named "Jenna", along with the text: "Your in good company".

When Stacey asked who the girl was, Kelly replied: "Someone Danny is f******. One of many."

Stacey than asked Kelly to phone her.

She recalls: "Kelly called immediately. I recognised her voice but she was snotty and understandably very angry.

"She said, ‘Take it you’re another one he’s f******. I’ve spoken to six other girls tonight he’s been f******’."

Stacey added: "I asked where Danny was and she told me, ‘I’ve been on his phone, he’s at my house’.

"Then she said, ‘Some of the girls are slags and some are motherly - I would put you in the motherly category’.

"I assured Kelly I never met him and never intended to, and that I’d never have slept with him.

"She was ranting and raging, but quite patronising. You could tell she was really hurt and upset."

Kelly and Danny had just returned from a romantic holiday together when she discovered he's been unfaithful.

She kicked him out of their home and deleted photos of him from her Twitter account, but Danny is said to be desperate to win the model back.

A pal told The Sun: "Danny is absolutely devastated, he just can’t believe what he’s done."

Yesterday, as the revelations of his cheating surfaced, it was business as usual for Danny as he went training in Lancashire.

An onlooker said: "Danny looked completely miserable. He just kept his head down and got on with training."

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Danny Cipriani and Kelly Brook
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