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How Miranda Kerr Made Sneakers Look Sexier Than Ever

by Teddi Ginsberg ,
How Miranda Kerr Made Sneakers Look Sexier Than Ever© Reebok

Sneakers are having a serious Moment in the fashion world right now. The chicest of women are trading their Louboutins and Lanvins for Nikes and New Balances. In Reebok's newest commercial, supermodel Miranda Kerr shows us just how sexy sneaks can be. Much like the lingerie Miranda is used to modeling, these shoes are so comfortable, you may forget you're wearing them!

Sneakers have never looked so sexy. Check out Miranda Kerr's new commercial for Reebok's Skyscape.


We think it's safe to say that if we looked this good post-workout, we'd work out way more often.

Miranda Kerr's sexy new spot for the Reebok Skyscape opens as she arrives home after a workout. She sashays through her gorgeous Manhattan townhouse, tossing her yoga mat to the side, turning on music, and removing her exercise gear layer by layer... taking off everything but her sneakers, that is.

Miranda slips into the shower still wearing her sneaks, giggling to herself and taking them off once the water is running and she realizes her error. A fitting (no pun intended) move, as the shoe's tagline is, "So comfortable you'll forget you have them on."

So, what does modeling for Victoria's Secret have in common with modeling for Reebok? More than you think! The Skyscapes are actually crafted borrowing the materials and soft molding process used to create lingerie, creating a sneaker so lightweight that it weighs just 5 ounces.

Talk about genius marketing! There are few things that make a gal want to invest in tennis shoes more than seeing a fabulously fit and impossibly cool woman like Miranda rocking a pair. And at $65, they hardly break the bank. It doesn't hurt that the shoes are actually cute - no weird detailing or unflattering shapes here. We think any girl would look great in these!

Do you like the stylish sneaker look? Has Miranda convinced you to pick up a pair of Skyscapes? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

Teddi Ginsberg
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