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Justin Bieber sheds boyish image in new Lolly rap video

by Esme Riley ,
Justin Bieber sheds boyish image in new Lolly rap video© Vevo

It seems 2013 is the year Justin Bieber wants everyone to forget he was once a floppy-haired sickly sweet heartthrob. After months of misbehaving, the singer has now appeared on a hip hop track called Lolly. Justin raps about money and status and is a long way from his Baby days.

Justin Bieber is clearly trying hard to lose his teen heartthrob image with his latest musical contribution.

The 19-year-old appears topless with a gold chain around his neck in the new video for Maejor Ali's track Lolly.

The Biebs performs under his alter ego, Shawty Mane, rapping about girls and his flash lifestyle to the camera.

Justin's 'bad boy' lyrics include: "Throwing up a G note/Like I'm at a casino/I'm all fancy yeah I'm popping Pellegrino."

He continues: "Fifty for the necklace, look down at my set list, got your girlfriend at my crib watching Netflix."


Justin - who shot to fame with his sickly sweet debut single One Time in 2009 - shows off his collection of tattoos in the promo.

With a sleeve of inkings and covered in bling, it seems he's doing his very best to re-invent himself.

He'll be twerking next.

​The video also features rapper Juicy J and scantily clad girls in football tops licking lollipops.

Other lyrics on the track include: "She say she love my lolly, she wanna make it pop, she says she love my lolly, she wanna kiss the top."


Justin Bieber in Lolly video © Vevo
Justin Bieber in Lolly video
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In an interview about the track earlier this year, Juicy J said: "Maejor Ali hit me up, man. He's like he's got this record with Justin Bieber he wanted me to do a verse on it.

"He was like 'Man, I think this would be crazy... me, you and Justin Bieber,' which I thought was a great idea too.

"It's like people are shocked right now. They're like 'What the ...?' He sent me the instrumental and I did my verse to it."

The video doesn’t come as too much of a shock, though, as Justin has been moving away from his straight-laced image all year.

He’s been caught up in allegations of spitting, peeing in mop buckets and has been thrown out of clubs.

Wonder what his Beliebers think of this next move?

Justin Bieber © Twitter
Justin Bieber
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Esme Riley
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