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Katie Price’s ongoing war against Peter Andre

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Katie Price’s ongoing war against Peter Andre© Getty

Although Katie Price seems to be totally above criticism the majority of the time, it seems that it is only the mention of her ex-husband of five years Peter Andre that really makes her see red, particularly after the Mysterious Girls singer appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show at the beginning on February and mentioned that he had four children, as Katie insists that he hasn’t seen his adopted son Harvey in nearly two years.

Apparently if you want to get a rise out of former glamour model Katie Price, all you need to do is mention her ex-husband Peter Andre.

According to Heat magazine, the 35-year-old can’t help but rant about the singer, particularly after Peter appeared on The Jonathan Ross show and mentioned his four children, including Katie’s son by footballer Dwight York, 11-year-old Harvey.

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Katie Price
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This mention caused Jordan to tweet that Peter: “still hasn’t seen [Harvey] in nearly two years.” She also wrote: “Someone should ask [Peter] when did you last see Harvey and why don’t you now! #allforshow”, and responded to a fan when they told her to “eat her words” regarding Peter when he corrected Jonathan about how many children he had, and wrote: “I’m sure he has said that after the s**t he has had over it but he still hasn’t seen him in nearly 2 years.”

It wasn’t just the Jonathan Ross appearance that has Katie riled though, as back in December she also tweeted her fury regarding Christmas arrangements, writing: “I HATE him so much…Can someone remind him he has a son called Harvey that calls him dad.”

To be fair, we haven’t seen Peter with Harvey in a long time, and it seems like Katie only disputes claims involving her children. When a Twitter user suggested Katie wouldn’t let Pete see Harvey she responded: “Your wrong actually, I don’t care what you think of me but when it comes to my children I’ll speak up.”

It seems that their children is definitely the biggest cause for disagreement between the two, particularly regarding Harvey. A friend of Katie’s told Heat: “On the one hand Katie wants Harvey to have that bond with Pete, but it seems like there’s some resentment too.

“She doesn’t want Pete to use Harvey to make himself look like a caring person, hence her tweets over Christmas where she called him a ‘#fakefamilyman.’”

As well as their arguments about the children, apparently Katie thinks Pete is ever directing jibes at her. Back in 2011 Katie claimed: “I have a crap tummy. I am getting old and I have had three kids.” However, last week Pete revealed he could see Emily’s abs again three weeks after the birth.

The source said: “Katie worries that everything Pete’s saying is a direct dig against her.” Ouch.

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Emmy Griffiths
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