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All Hail The Ultimate Power Couple: Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's Love Story In Pictures

by Pascale Day ,
All Hail The Ultimate Power Couple: Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's Love Story In Pictures

Kimye. Does that word mean anything to you? Let me say it again: Kimye. Of course it does. I'll 'splain it to you the Kanye way: you hear it in the wind, whispering in your ear just before you fall asleep, moving the curtains on a still night. Kimye is a fact. We can't remember what life was like before these two cultural icons that are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West joined forces and became the most Instagrammable couple of all time. Here's a look at their love story.

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Does time before Kim and Kanye exist? I just know don't anymore.

Let's face it: we have all benefited from Kim and Kanye's romantic relationship. Don't you deny it. Without Kimye, how would you know what to wear when ya boi shows up in a leather shirt? Coordination, my friends - they invented it. Without Kimye, you wouldn't even know where to BEGIN when it comes to getting revenge on a peer. Teamwork, bitches - they perfected it. You really think you'd be able to ride naked on a moving motorcycle if Kim and Kanye hadn't done it first in the video for Bound 2? Girl, get over yo'self! Ain't nobody riding nekked but Kimye! FASHION, dahlings - they created it.


Yes Kim and Kanye have brought much joy - and, let's be honest, confusion - to our lives since they first got together four years ago. But the road to love didn't start in 2012 for these guys - oh no. There's been a long love story going on here - or as Kanye says, kinda like Romeo and Juliet, only with way more selfies and exclamations of "SO CUTE!"

It seems only fair that we begin at the start of this Shakespearian romance, right? This love story began in fair New York where we lay our scene: Kimye first appeared on our telly boxes in 2011 on Keeping Up With The Kardashian spin-off show, Kourtney And Kim Take New York, when old friend Kanye came to visit the new Dash store. Kim was rumoured to be dating Halle Berry's ex Gabriel Aubrey, and Kanye had just broken up with Amber Rose.


​It would be another year before Yeezy made his true feelings known to the future Mrs West, however. Ye's song Theraflu features the lyrics "and I'll admit, I fell in love with Kim 'round the same time she had fell in love with him. Well, that's cool baby girl, do your thing," a reference to her then boyfriend Kris Humphries. After her divorce from Humphries - just 72 days after they initially married - Kim spoke to the Today Show in early April 2012 about her possible future with Mr West: "You know, you never know what the future holds or where my life will take me. So ... I like the song!"

But mere weeks later, Kimye took their first steps out into the wide open world. At the end of April 2012 they made their first public appearance together, and then there was no stoppin' those two! They were pictured together everywhere: at Kourtney's baby shower, at Kim's Vogue Italia shoot, at fashion shows, enjoying some holiday activities in Mexico. You could not separate these love birds with an actual crowbar.

Until suddenly, something happened that would bind the two together for life. Kanye announced in typical Kanye style that he and Kim were due to be parents by asking the crowd at his Atlantic City gig to "make some noise" for his "baby mama".

By January 2013 they were already nesting in their new, modest £11 million Bel Air mansion, and just six months later, Kim gave birth to baby girl North. They shared the first picture of their newborn on momager Kris Jenner's short-lived talk show.

Kimye finally locked that sh*t down in Florence, Italy, May 2014, where they married in front of a surprisingly small amount of friends and family, and for a while held the record for the most Instagram likes that year for their first kiss pic - that is, until little sister Kendall knocked her off the top spot. Naturally.


A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on May 27, 2014 at 7:58am PDT

Fast forward to May 2015, and The Wests announce that there's a another little tyke on the way! By December, Saint West was birthed, but it wouldn't be until February 2016 that we'd actually get to see the newest member of the Kardashian Klan.

And so, there we have it. We're up to date. We last saw the happy couple at the MTV Video Music Awards, where Kanye made a classic Kanye speech that, frankly, didn't make a lot of sense. But Kim laughed along anyway! Even when Kanye called out Amber Rose! Because she's a supportive wife, and that's what they do.

Although we may have doubted it as a Hollywood showmance at first, we can't agree more than Kim and Kanye are the true epitome of love. Like Yeezy said, besides all the dying stuff, they are exactly like Romeo and Juliet. Exactly.

Has our recap of Kimye's relationship made you totes emosh? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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