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Kim Kardashian's Pony, Lupita Nyong'o's Prada Tee: This Week's Best Instagram Fashion

by Teddi Ginsberg ,
Kim Kardashian's Pony, Lupita Nyong'o's Prada Tee: This Week's Best Instagram Fashion© Instagram

There are few things more fun in life right now than Instagram. But if you follow hundreds of people, it can take terribly long to scroll through your feed. Never fear! We're bringing this week's best fashion snaps to you, in one single place! Take a look at Kim's pretty pony, Lupita's Prada tee, and more. (Minimal scrolling required.)

  1. · Kim's Pony
  2. · Lupita's Prada Tee
  3. · Rihanna in Dior
  4. · Olivia at Paris Fashion Week
  5. · Jessica's black and blue moment
  6. · Blair's ruffles and stripes
  7. · Katy's Givenchy Sandals
  8. · Kendall's Chanel Market Basket

Kim's Pony


Kim Kardashian is "#PonytailPimpin'", as she puts it, in this stunning selfie she shared recently. A sleek pony, flawless bold brows, and long, luscious lashes. What's not to love?

Lupita's Prada Tee


Lupita Nyong'o posed alongside stylist Micaela Erlanger while the two were wearing matching "MIUCCIA" varsity-style tees. Micaela tagged the photo with "Prada Cheerleaders!" One thing is for sure - our cheerleading uniforms in high school were nowhere near this chic.

Rihanna in Dior


No one does naughty like Rihanna. Her fabulosity is unparalleled in this low-cut LBD, thigh highs, pointed pumps, pearl-studded leather gloves, a dramatic pearl collar and blunt bangs.

Olivia at Paris Fashion Week


Olivia Palermo looks flawless in this impossibly chic Dior coat (we love the split seams) and Nina Ricci bag while in Paris for Fashion Week.

Jessica's black and blue moment


Jessica Alba looks lovely and ladylike posing with Linda Yaccarino and Bonnie Hammer at a Women at NBCU event. We love how she coordinated her ornate floral skirt with her satin cerulean pumps.

Blair's ruffles and stripes


Fashion blogger Blair Eadie looks fresh and feminine in a ruffled white crop top paired with an a-line striped skirt. If we weren't already counting down the seconds until spring, we sure are now!

Katy's Givenchy Sandals


Katy's Teva-like floral Givenchy sandals are even more fabulous when lined up next to a pair she purchased for her new niece.

Kendall's Chanel Market Basket


Kendall Jenner walked Karl Lagerfeld's genius Chanel supermarket-inspired runway in the Grand Palais with a Chanel-inspired basket for her "shopping". If this is what grocery shopping was truly like, we'd be running to the store right now!

What's your favorite Instagrammed fashion moment of the week? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

Teddi Ginsberg
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