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Most unrealistic romantic movie moments

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 28 January 2014
Most unrealistic romantic movie moments© Tumblr

Film takes us into a world of romantic possibilities to which reality could never compare, unless you’re one of those YouTube couples who got engaged in a huge romantic gesture - in which case congratulations, but you have no place here! It doesn’t do well to dwell on romantic sensibilities, wondrous as they may be, so let’s take a look at some of our favourite romantic movie’s most unrealistic moments. Prepare yourself for some hard truths!

Flash mobs are a common romantic gesture

Friend’s with Benefits saw Dylan (Justin Timberlake) arrange a flash mob so he can tell Jamie (Mila Kunis) that he does indeed like her.

We’d be lucky if we got a Skype call. Let’s all just accept that vague text messages will be our lot in life and move on.


James Marsden is repeatedly rejected

The Notebook. Enchanted. X-men. Superman Returns. Straw Dogs.

Women who realize that they are actually in love with somebody else reject James Marsden time and time again.

The man literally played a real-life Disney Prince - he is that good looking. You would NEVER turn him down. You just wouldn’t.

The womaniser changes his ways

Crazy, Stupid, Love sees the rich and douchey Jacob (hey Ryan Gosling, how you living?) take a different girl home every night of the week. Not only does he feel zero guilt for his womanising ways, he also teaches newly divorced Cal (Steve Carell) pick up tips like he is some sort of sex messiah.

So when he changes his ways after falling head-over-heels to Hannah (Emma Stone) after talking about coin bears for the evening, we all floated away into a daydream that we too can change that man in our lives who has repeatedly been an idiot. WRONG.

Flight Attendants are accommodating to romantic gestures

When Robbie (Adam Sandler) enlists the help of Billy Idol to serenade Julia (Drew Barrymore) on a plane, our hearts melted. Good old in-flight entertainment! Weren’t the flight attendants good sports?! Especially that one that blocked the aisle from the furious ex-boyfriend!

But let’s bitterly review. Flight attendants tend to care more about, you know, safety, than letting you have any fun. This means that any dreams that you may have of a The Wedding Singer reenactment should be put to bed now. Thanks flight attendants, you horrible killjoys!


As a punishment for cheating, jewelry is guarenteed

In Sex and the City 2, Carrie bumped into Aidan – a name which is difficult to write without immediately inserting several love heart emoticons – and obviously the two of them kiss. Horrified by her behavior, Carrie immediately comes clean to hubby Big, who promptly buys her a massive black diamond ring. Erm, WHAT?!

Politicians will go for you even if you're a maid

In Maid in Manhatten, happy-go-lucky single mum cleaner Jennifer Lopez falls head over heels in love with an extremely successful senator. This is a very nice sentiment and hey, who’s to say that politicians are shallow and only go out with the rich and famous?

However, sadly we have scoured history and have yet to find such a match MAID in heaven. Now back to scrubbing that toilet!

You are horrifically dumped, but immediately find someone much nicer and hotter

Forgetting Sarah Marshall teaches us that if your partner dumps you, it’s fine, because a much more attractive and infinitely kinder person will be just around the corner. Even better, your ex will witness the entire relationsip and grow incredibly jealous and regretful.

Sadly, life is less kind. In the event of a break up, prepare for hours of eHarmony surfing whilst ugly crying. Embrace your fate.

Falling in love with your stepbrother is acceptable

If you start to get confused feelings for your stepbrother, much like Cher in Clueless, just stay away.

It might not be illegal, but all of your friends and family hearing about your delightful new relationship will never be able to take back that grimace of disgust before their fake smiles set in. Because going out with your stepbrother is weird.


She’ll remember you…even if she suffers from permanent amnesia

Going out with someone who suffers amnesia where their mind is wiped clean every night, sponging away all memories of your time together, would probably not be cute, romantic and involve walruses, like in 50 First Dates.

We’re also guessing that if someone with no memory wakes up to find out they’re on a boat in the middle of Alaska in a marriage they can’t remember to a man they’ve never met with a child that is apparently theirs, the reaction won’t be a little bit of giggling.

Your innate Britishisms will be irresistible ​

If we have learned anything from Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and Love Actually – Americans go crazy for silly British accents and sensibilities. Simply cross the pond and go into a bar full of hotties, or accidentally spill orange juice on the world’s most famous woman, and you are guaranteed a good time.

We wish, but let’s face it – British charm is more suited for apologising to waiters after complaining about cold food and filling in awkward silences with chatter about the weather.

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy Griffiths - Published on 28 January 2014
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