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Nicki Minaj goes au natural in shower snaps

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Nicki Minaj goes au natural in shower snaps© Instagram

You know Nicki Minaj? The real life walking talking barbie dolls, with false eyelashes that look like two small puppies? Wears crazy dresses that look like they belong to Cinderella on crack? Well the Super Bass singer has recently snapped herself in the shower looking completely natural and we've got to say - we're digging her real-life look!

Nicki Minaj is showing her true self in a series of shower snaps she posted on Instagram, and we think she looks amazing going au natural! Especially when we're so used to seeing her like this:

However, Nicki is all stripped down in her new series of snaps. We're not sure if she simply wanted people to know she was having a shower or to show off her long locks, but she's looking good!

Her fans were loving the look, with one fan commenting: "There are people that genuinely like you for you. Natural beauty is rare," and another wrote: "Look at that smile, it's so perfect! She is a beautiful women"

Nicki Minaj © Instagram
Nicki Minaj
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Emmy Griffiths
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