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Perrie Edwards chats wedding plans and her Skype dates with Zayn Malik

by Esme Riley ,
Perrie Edwards chats wedding plans and her Skype dates with Zayn Malik© Twitter

She may be a famous pop star, but Perrie Edwards is just like you and me - she needs a bit of make-up to help boost her confidence. Nonetheless, the Little Mix star has managed to bag One Direction heartthrob Zayn Malik, who asked her to be his wife over the summer. Though Zayn is clearly smitten, Perrie still likes to ensure she looks her best for her man.

As two of the world's most famous pop stars, Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik spend a lot of time chatting on Skype.

Zayn is currently in Australia on tour with One Direction, while Perrie has been working hard putting the finishing touches to Little Mix's second album.

Poor Perrie gets few days off and must be totally knackered, so it's no surprise she has to put in a bit of effort before connecting with her heartthrob man online.

Perrie, 20, tells The Mirror: "Do you know what, I do have to make an effort with make-up when I’m talking to Zayn on Skype.

"It makes you feel better. But you only have to put a bit on and it looks really good.

"I try to find some good lighting too. Sometimes I tip the lamp so it looks like I appear airbrushed and I’m like, ‘Oh, I’ve just woken up’, but really I haven’t. But I look flawless because of the make-up.

"Or I go to a window for some natural light sometimes... that’s the best."

Skype is obviously an important part of this pair's relationship, as Zayn also recently chatted about the free calling service.

The 20-year-old 1D star said: "We miss each other. We've got Skype as well. That helps."

Perrie and Zayn got engaged back in August, before the Little Mix singer stepped out with a diamond ring on her wedding finger at 1D's This Is Us movie premiere.

The pair refused to confirm any rumours until Zayn's big night was over and it was actually Perrie's mum who announced the happy news the next day.

Debbie Duff told Real Radio: "It's wonderful because Zayn is absolutely gorgeous. It's true they got engaged on Sunday and it's absolutely lovely.

"Perrie loves him to pieces and it's perfect. They get on so well together and understand each other. It's just fabulous."

Perrie Edwards' ring © Getty
Perrie Edwards' ring
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She continued: "I said how long’s this gonna be? And she said ‘I don’t want a long engagement but I don’t want a quick one either’.

"I think they’ll eventually get together and set the date.

"He did the traditional asking me, and then he asked his mum and dad. It was fabulous, it was lovely. I was like a little marshmallow - it was so lovely."

Perrie has admitted she hasn't started organising her big day just yet.

She told The Mirror: "I haven’t started making any decisions yet wedding-wise. But I’m excited to start planning it all. I can’t wait."

Little Mix have just released their own Collection make-up range, which seems to have inspired Perrie for her wedding day look.

She continued: "I’ll have to look into a collection of wedding make-up. I can wear my smoky eye shadow and I want a vintage dress so a purple lip could go."

But Perrie better be sure she has a pro on hand to apply her face paint, as she added: "If I haven’t got my make-up artist with me I become a bit of a snob,” she admits. “I’m like, ‘Oh, do I have to do it myself?’"

Perrie Edwards © Getty
Perrie Edwards
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