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All The Pinterest-worthy Homeware Buys To Make Your Interior-loving Heart Sing

by Lareese Craig ,
All The Pinterest-worthy Homeware Buys To Make Your Interior-loving Heart Sing

Are you even a millennial if you don't own a house plant or a bog brush with copper accents? No, no you're not. The birth of Pinterest has seriously raised the stakes in the interior design game, so we're hunting down all the purchases worthy of giving us - and Linda Barker - major heart palpitations. It's better than running riot in IKEA and it beats a night alone in Marks & Spencer (just). Here's out pick of the best Pinterest-worthy homeware buys.

  1. · The vase
  2. · The bedding & blankets
  3. · The rug
  4. · The lamp
  5. · The cushions
  6. · The wire rack / picture shelf
  7. · The bath rack
  8. · The ladder
  9. · The candles

The vase

Even if you're not an avid plant/flower lover, you need to keep up appearances that you are, right? And Pinterest says anything with gold accents and a nod to a Scandinavian attic ticks all the boxes. Ah, I can just feel the hygge coming on already.

1. £17,99 from H&M, 2. £17 from Ikea, 3. £10 from Ikea, 4. £12.95 from Ikea, 5. £45 from Habitat, 6. £5.99 from The Range

The bedding & blankets

Is there anything more inviting than a big ol' bedspread and perfectly-arranged blankets? No, we don't think there is. Whether you're seeking a kooky Instagramable cactus print or a classic white waffle for all those flatlays, we've got you more than covered for a duvet day.

1. £27.99 for double set from New Look, 2. £34.99 from H&M, 3. £59 for double from M&S, 4. £19 from Ikea, 5. £24.99 from H&M

The rug

Artisan, it's got to be artisan.

1. £115 from La Redoute, 2. £95 from NOTHS, 3. £59 from Ikea,, 4. £10 - £15 from Next, 5. £19.99 from H&M

The lamp

No Pinterest bedroom is complete without the perfect bedside companion and the humble lamp is enjoying a bit of a modern twist of late. Clip on to your bed for the optimum reading sesh or style it on an old drinks trolley for a nod to tradition.

1. £30 from Habitat, 2. £89 from Heals, 3. £12 from Ikea, 4. £47.99 from Maisons du Monde, 5. £21.99 from The Range 6. £75 from Kaleidoscope

The cushions

A house is not really a home until the cushions outnumber the cutlery. Fact. They're the perfect way to add a smattering of colour or print to a neutral, minimalist space and they sure do make you feel welcome when you get in from a hard, vitamin-D deprived day at the office. See, dog / cushion, dog / cushion? Sure, cushions don't wag their tail when you come in the door but at least they don't defecate on your nice new Ikea rug either.

1. £6.99 from H&M, 2. £25 from Marks & Spencer, 3. £8.99 from H&M, 4. £6.99 from H&M, 5. £8.99 from H&M

The wire rack / picture shelf

In theory, home offices should be clean, organised spaces, which is why practical and, more importantly, pretty storage solutions and aesthetically-pleasing desk ornaments are essential when creating somewhere that should fuel your productivity. Now, I can't promise a wire magazine rack or a picture shelf will do that but it does mean you'll have ample desk space to slump down on, should you need a little cat nap halfway through your day.

1. £36 from NOTHS, 2. £55 from La Redoute, 3. £70 from Cox and Cox, 4. picture ledge (perfect for magazines) £4.95 from Ikea, 5. £138 from store.wallpaper.com

The bath rack

All those creative, ambient blogger bathroom shots we see all over Instagram, they're all thanks to a strategic arrangement of beautiful products on this bad boy: a bath rack.

You probably wouldn't want to go putting your tampons and your hairy upper lip cream on display - you're a better feminist than me if you do. Experiment, have fun and then rush to get all the expensive sh*t out your drawers and onto the rack when you know the mother-in-law's en route.

1. £12.77 from Bathroom Accessories, 2. £49 from The White Company, 3. £22.95 from Victorian Plumbing, 4. £95.53 from Victorian Plumbing,

The ladder

Drape your weary cable knits over them, prop up your handtowels with them or cover them with hanging plants, there's no limit to a ladder's functionalities.

1. £60 from Perch & Parrow, 2. £47.99 from Maisons du Monde, ​3. £55 from Etsy, 4. £95 from John Lewis, 5. £30 from Ikea

The candles

And before you burn the candle at both ends and end up in a Pinterest-induced coma, put your feet up, light a Jo Malone wick, stick it in your bath rack and relax with a good book. It's what every decor kween deserves.

1. £44 from Jo Malone 2. £24 from Diptque, 3. £20 from The White Company, 4. £45 from Neom Organics, 5. £55 from Jo Loves

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