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Ever Wondered What The Stars Look Like Without Photoshop?

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Ever Wondered What The Stars Look Like Without Photoshop?© izismile.com

What would stars look like if they weren't constantly touched up by Photoshop? The answer is this: yes, they are HOT, but they have flaws just like everybody else. Honestly, what's so wrong with having a little wrinkle here and there? This is what celebrities look like before and after the power of Photoshop, and honestly we think they looked better before!

Contrary to what we all might think, the rich and famous are not perfect. They deal with typical problems just like most of us ordinary folk: dull skin, acne, wrinkles, dark circles. However, these are obviously all cancelled out by the power of Photoshop, improving their image until they become completely other-wordly. Almost to the point of disturbing - seriously how can they look THAT good?

If you have ever read a glossy mag and automatically compared your own wrinkles to the glowing perfection of a celebrity, you definitely need to see this. If celebs just appeared like this in magazines, wouldn't we all be so much happier? Check out these pictures and trust us, you'll feel more confident about yourself because they prove that even if you're Katy Perry or Rachel McAdams, everyone has flaws...

Katy Perry and Lindsay Lohan's ironed out faces

© thecount.com
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Megan Fox's skinny arms made even skinnier

Keira Knightley's (barely there) dark circles removed

Megan Fox's skin blemishes gone

Madonna's skin gets extra glowy

What Britney looks like without Photoshop

Beyoncé's bootylicious curves, gone.

Jennifer Lawrence's amazing figure made teeny tiny

Angelina Jolie's skin brushed over

Kim Kardashian's bod 'fixed'

Check out how these celebrities are completely changed by Photoshop...

Scarlett Johansson © izismile.com
Scarlett Johansson
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Emmy Griffiths
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