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The Most Heartwarming And Generally Epic Adverts Of All Time

by Emmy Griffiths ,
The Most Heartwarming And Generally Epic Adverts Of All Time© YouTube

The internet has gone crazy for the Budweiser Superbowl advert over the last couple of days - most likely because it is about an unbelievably precious puppy who makes friends with a horse. In honour of our new favourite advert, we have been looking at our other all-time-favourites that have made us laugh and cry. Seriously, give yourself a little break between each one or you may become an emotional wreck from which you will never return. You have been warned!


Puppy. Cute, snuggly puppy. Puppy loves horse and horse loves puppy. Society won’t let them be together. Budweiser will help. We will cry.


John Lewis

Oh you’ve all seen this John Lewis advert, right? The little boy can’t wait for Christmas and refuses to enjoy anything leading up to it – he just stares at the clock and wills time to go faster so he can open all of his presents (or so we think). But, but, then…on…*sniff*on Christmas morning, he ignores all of his presents, running into his cupboard for the gift he had ready for his parents...*bursts into tears and is unable to continue*


Blackcurrant Tango

You know what Sebastien? Blackcurrent Tango is EPIC.




Calsberg filled a cinema with burly biker dudes who look like they could snap you like a twig. For those true and fearless of heart…or just really, really wanted to see the movie they’d paid for – they get a pleasant surprise.

We won’t spoil it for you, but it’s amazing!



ARGH this ad for the Paralympics is SO epic! Celebrating strength, perseverance and success under exceptional circumstances, it’s time to meet the superhumans. We have shivers!



This T-Mobile advert was the definition of original as it caught the amazed reaction of London commuters when seemingly ordinary people at the train station suddenly burst into spontaneous and awesome dancing. Watching the bemused passers by join in is just joyful.


Coca Cola

Security cameras. They are a necessary evil to help capture the bad things that happen in the world and secure our safety. But, as Coca Cola pointed out, they also capture wonderful, funny and considerate moments of humanity.



Google Chrome

A truly inspirational ad – naturally incorporating how swanky Google Chrome is – to show how one mother went from reminiscing about her old school bag to kicking off a whole new craze.



This was about the time in the sofeminine office that we began to bawl in the joy of love and reunion and friendship and most of all, people pretending to be musical instruments. Congratulations T-Mobile, you devastated a Nation with happiness.



This Olympics advert is here to show that no matter how successful the Olympians got, or how much they achieved, their mothers had been there from the very beginning.

We felt like the women playing the mothers deserved Oscars for this advert. Is that possible? Can that happen?



Triumph over a bully. Gorgeous music. Emotional story. And really, really shiny hair. We’ve watched this one more times than we’d care to admit!



The advert tells the story of two girls who were both born with only one arm and found each other, though one lived in the US and the other lived in New Zealand.

The girls got in touch, and they finally began skyping and helped each other out, shared secrets and became best friends, never having met. Nice one Skype. Especially when they finally meet each other for the first time and it is captured on film. It’s so emosh we couldn’t handle it!



Pretend it’s Christmas, and you’ve boarded a flight. For a bit of fun, you tell an interactive Santa what you’d like for Christmas. Now imagine waiting for your baggage to arrive, and instead hundreds of beautifully wrapped presents spill out for you and everyone on your flight.

​How could you handle the emotion? HOW DID THEY HANDLE IT?!


Do you have any great ones we didn’t see? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

Emmy Griffiths
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