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WATCH: Katy Perry’s new video for Unconditionally is unveiled

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 20 November 2013
WATCH: Katy Perry’s new video for Unconditionally is unveiled© Getty

We’ve watched, we’ve waited, we’ve sat through the slightly weird lyric video, and we've become particularly impatient as an awesome looking teaser was released last week. But the full-length music video for Katy Perry's Unconditionally is now here, and it doesn't disappoint. It's the second single released from her new album, Prism, and it's thought to be about her affection for her new boyfriend, John Mayer.

Katy Perry’s music video for her new single Unconditionally has been released, and it is excellent, in a strange, trippy sort of way.

The Wide Awake singer is in her full power ballad mode as she sings in the snow, then in a Russian ballroom as back-up dancers perform around her.

Wearing a white dress with pearls in the snow and surrounded by dancers frozen in place - all in utterly fantastic costumes - Katy belts out the single that is certain to be yet another chart hit.

The scene then cuts to the inside of a ballroom, where the 29-year-old singer appears to be wearing a dark green velvet gown and holding an owl, which could symbolise wisdom, though we’re not quite sure why.

To be honest, moments of the video could definitely do with a symbolism guidebook, including a scene which shows a couple sat on a sofa holding a baby, surrounded by oily men fighting (we’re not complaining, of course), a man handing a child a sword, a little boy pointing to the sky, and a bed lit on fire. What does it all MEAN?

This becomes especially poignant when Katy herself begins to be engulfed by flames, presumably to demonstrate the fiery passion she has for her boyfriend.

It's strangely reminiscent of her Firework video, when she begins to emit fireworks. In some ways, the Roar singer really isn’t all that subtle.

Towards the end of the video is when things become a little strange. Katy is suddenly alerted to the fact that she’s not actually alone whilst singing in a field with random dancers, as suddenly she is hit by a CAR (note to self – research whether cars were invented in 18th century Russia) but it has no effect on her and smashes around her, much as if she were the Incredible Hulk or Superman.

From the inside of the ballroom flowers start protruding from her, then she drowns…the little boy jumps off the sofa…then the flowers are spread over the car in a monument. So…did she die then? Did her unconditional love transcend the boundaries of death? Someone ought to write a critical analysis of this video, we would read it!

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Katy Perry © Getty
Katy Perry
Emmy Griffiths
Emmy Griffiths - Published on 20 November 2013
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