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WATCH: Rihanna and Shakira share a naked embrace in their sexy new music video

by Emmy Griffiths ,
WATCH: Rihanna and Shakira share a naked embrace in their sexy new music video© Youtube

It is hardly surprising that Rihanna and Shakira’s music video for their collaboration single Can’t Remember to Forget You is one steamy affair. Featuring both stars looking stunning – and scantily clad, obviously – the video sees the two getting up close and personal to each other, nearly sharing a kiss and a naked embrace. It’s all very risqué – but we love it!

Rihanna and Shakira have always been sexy singers, but it looks like the two have brought their saucy ways to a whole new level for their music video.

The two, who star in a variety of skimpy outfits and – ahem – seem to be more than just gal pals, share an almost kiss and a naked embrace in a move that is sure to raise both eyebrows and viewing figures.

The up-tempo video begins the 36-year-old star frolicking on a bed…and in a pool…and against a wall…before Rihanna joins in , looking fantastic in a black leotard. The pair smoke cigars on a bed together, grinning cheekily at the camera. Hey – no one ever said that music videos had to be logical, okay?!

It’s not all about sex appeal though (just the vast majority of it) as Shakira is also shown rocking out on the guitar and drums, displaying her musical talents.

The girls seemed to enjoy making the video, and Shakira was especially delighted that Rihanna collaborated with her in the reggae meets rock style song.

She told People magazine: “I thought that Rihanna and perfect and thought that she was the other half for this.”

It looks like Shakira is well on her way to making a comeback with the single that is sure to become a hit, as only a year ago she became a new mum to her son, Milo, with her 26-year-old partner Gerard Pique.

The Hips Don’t Lie singer also revealed her new life philosophy – to just sit back and enjoy the ride - and said: “When it comes to living, it’s all about the present.

“I’m finally able to really savour all of those little moments that, in the early days of my career, I was too busy thinking about the next thing to just stop, take it all in, and enjoy.”

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