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Which celebrities see dead people?

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Which celebrities see dead people?© Getty

Halloween - The spookiest time of the year is upon us, a time where we dress up in crazy outfits to celebrate the fact that we're allowed to dress up however we want without judgement for just one day of the year. Unless you dress up as Miley Cyrus, in which case you are a cliché and we judge you. Celebrities love to get dressed up too, but some have deeper connections to Halloween than others. Some have truly had ghostly encounters...

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl took part in Ghosthunting with her Girls Aloud pals, and was initially sceptical of what they might find. However once she was in the spooky mansion, she became the Daphne of the Scooby gang (the wimpy one) and ended up bursting into tears.

“It was terrible,” she told Now magazine. “I yelled and burst into tears when something touched my arm. I felt pure fear and screamed.”

Cheryl also freaked out when she was sure there was a ghost on the stairs of her apartment and called BFF and bandmate Kimberley Walsh to help her. When Kim arrived, apparently Chezza’s dog was staring at a white orb of light floating on the staircase (also known as a lightbulb LOL). Kim collected a hysterical Cheryl and took her home. Aww!

Demi Lovato

You’d think she’d been scared enough by X Factor co-judge Simon Cowell, but even Mr Nasty can’t compare to spirits arisen from the dead.

“My house in Texas is so haunted. Not by a bad spirit, but a little girl called Emily" says Demi. "There were so many times I saw her when I was growing up. I saw her in my closet one time.”

ARGH. Just imagine nipping into your wardrobe for your favourite Camp Rock t-shirt to see a little ghost girl, most likely from The Ring, staring right at you…probably singing a creepy little lullaby…

We just scared ourselves. Moving on.

Miley Cyrus

Yes! Miley has seen a ghost and it wasn’t even Hannah Montana! The tongue-flashing singer revealed there was a ghost in her flat, saying: “it was so terrifying. It used to be an old bakery and they turned it into an apartment building, and I was having really crazy dreams. Once, I was sitting there and I could’ve sworn I could see this little boy sitting there on the sink, kicking his feet.”

Her little sister also caught a glimpse of a ghostie. According to Miley: “my little sister was in the shower and all of a sudden I hear her scream. I run in there and the water had somehow flipped to hot. It wasn’t like the water had just changed, the knob had turned but she hadn’t turned it and it was burning her. She was really red.”

Katie Price

Of course Katie Price has seen a ghost. Ugh. The reality TV star claims to have seen a ghostly old woman who messed around with her sunbed and asked psychic Sally Morgan to investigate.

Sally said she could feel a presence of a woman who lived at the nursing home that once stood where Katie’s mansion has now been built. Even freakier, Katie’s cleaner has seen the exact same thing…

Diana Vickers

Diana Vickers organised an exorcism once when she heard constant tapping from her flat in the night. The spooky expert told her that it was the spirit of a little boy.

Diana had some weird encounters when she was a child as well:

“Another time when I was little, I was on the bed and this force grabbed my head and hit me. I flew forward and hit the wall. We moved out of that house!”

Hmm. Someone’s clearly fallen asleep watching Paranormal Activity!

Matthew McConanghey

Matthew is positive that he has a ghost in his house, and he thinks she likes him on account of him wandering about in the buff most of the time.

“I heard this sound like a dime dropping on to a glass table. I get up with my dog Miss Hud and start running around buck naked with a bat to investigate. I got downstairs and there’s nothing there. I now know it was her because I’ve seen Madame Blue since. She’s a cool ghost. Maybe me being nude all the time is why we get along.”

We wouldn’t mind haunting you Matthew.


Crazy - I mean - spiritual Ke$ha told Jimmy Kimmel during an interview that a ghost haunts her vagina.

Just give it a moment for that to sink in.

The We Are Who We Are singer said “you are laughing, but it’s very serious. It’s a problem. It seems to be accurate, because I’ve been going through a dry spell, so I was like beeping around, and it all makes sense now.”

Ke$ha. Staaaap.

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Emmy Griffiths
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