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10 fashion tips for pregnancy

by the editorial team ,
10 fashion tips for pregnancy© Véronique Delachaux

Follow our 10 fashion tips to stay looking stylish throughout your pregnancy.

1. Avoid all synthetic materials, which are more likely to cause allergies.

2. Opt for soft, natural fabrics such as linen, silk, cotton and wool, ideally hypoallergenic fabrics (organic cotton for example).

3. Choose roomy clothes that are not tight around your stomach or legs, which are delicate as a result of pregnancy.

4. Buy one good pair of jeans, trousers and a skirt that you can wear throughout your pregnancy from maternity brands.

5. Shop in big stores with small maternity lines at reasonable prices such as H&M, Dorothy Perkins etc. You can supplement your wardrobe to adapt to your expanding stomach without breaking the bank.

6. Buy two maternity bras (if you are planning on breastfeeding, ensure that they are not wired). It’s very important that you give your chest the right support. If you have a large chest, sleep in a bra to protect the tissue that is particularly fragile during pregnancy. In winter, buy special maternity tights.

7. Buy good staples that will last you several months during your pregnancy and that you can wear again afterwards.

8. If you're full-figured, borrow shirts from your partner. Wear them slightly open for a sexy, comfortable, basic look that goes well with jeans.

9. For the first three months your bump won't show much, so to avoid indiscreet looks and questions, wear loose tops or low-waisted trousers with flowy tops...but not empire lines. Contrary to opinion, they highlight the slightest hint of a bump.

10. Depending on your style, from 4-5 months and onwards you can wear clothes that cling to your bump (as long as they're not tight) to highlight your feminine form, or trapeze shapes to give you proportion. Remember that fitted clothes lengthen your figure.

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