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The Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems No One Talks About

by Carla Cain Walther ,
The Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems No One Talks About© Getty

Being pregnant ain't a walk in a park. In fact, it kind of sucks. Yes, there are some ladies who love their pregnancy. And then there are some who will NEVER let their kids forget what hell they put their mum through! If you fall into the latter category, you're in trusted company. Here's what every pregnant woman can relate to...

1. Throwing up in random places

If you have to lose your lunch, it's obviously better to do it in the comfort of your own home, but morning sickness can strike at any time, any place.

2. Stretchy waistband pants

Comfortable? Yeah, right. There's nothing comfortable about having to constantly readjust your waistband like you're picking a wedgie every time you stand up, walk 10 steps, or even take a deep breath!!

3. Turning into a space cadet

While pregnant your baby brain has left you wondering why you called your mother-in-law, why you've stored all your spices in the linen closet and what you went to the shops for. Pregnancy can turn even the smartest woman into a forgetful, spaced out ball of hormones.

4. Disappearing feet

As your belly expands, your sight line decreases. Say goodbye to your knees and toes. It'll be a few months before you can see them again! And shaving your bikini line? Just close your eyes and hope for the best, girl!

5. Saliva mouth

Having to constantly spit like a camel is disgusting and a totally common pregnancy symptom. Soon you'll be hocking loogies and carrying around a makeshift spittoon. Bleck!

6. Peeing yourself

Even the tiniest giggle will unleash a dribble of pee. A cough? A steady stream. A sneeze? Well, you'll have to put on a new pair of underwear. Honestly, the general groin area becomes a sweaty, pissy mess over the course of your pregnancy.

7. Monster boobs

Bigger breasts might be a welcome pregnancy side effect - at first. But then your boobs continue to grow and grow, and your nipples start to get bigger and darker and you're sore and AHH!!! It's like a sci-fi movie under that Victoria's Secret bra. LOL, wait, who are we kidding? Vicky's Secret doesn't carry bras for your huge boobies.

8. Skin issues

Acne, brown patches, red, itchy hands and feet, spider veins. What happened to that promised glow? One day you're going to wake up and look at your pregnant bloated body and think, "Who the hell is this person?"

9. Hearing childbirth stories

Once you begin showing, any woman in your life who's been pregnant will bombard you with horror stories of their labour as if you care!! And yet, you have to smile politely and listen and then "Ooh" and "Ahh" at the 100 pictures they'll show you of their kids.

10. Constipation

Ugh, it's like your intestines are waging war against you for growing a baby! Can't pooping just be easy!?

11. Hemorrhoids

Swollen blood vessels on your butt? WHY?! Now you have to pat gently because wiping your butt is akin to raking hot coals across your ass.

12. High emotional sensitivity

So your husband tells you that you look great. Instead of taking the compliment in stride, your hormones twist his words and you start asking him if he thinks you look great for a pregnant woman. And when he hesitates to answer...oh boy. He's in for an earful!

13. Dental issues

Take damn good care of those pearly whites because your pregnancy could provoke a whole host of dental problems. Pregnancy gingivitis and gum disease are common side effects of the rush of hormones in your body. Floss, baby, floss!

14. Night sweats

The kind where your hubby wakes you up thinking you wet the bed. Yikes!

15. Hair...everywhere

Hair will start sprouting in places you seriously wish it wouldn't. That means your bum, shoulders and back will be covered in some peach fuzz!

16. Nosebleeds

Geez, aren't our bodies weird? Many pregnant woman experience random nosebleeds even if they've never had one past childhood!

17. Runny nose

The membranes in your nasal passage might dry out and that means a stuffed up and runny nose. Keep that nasal spray close, girl!

18. UTIs

Oh no, the dreaded urinary tract infection. Pray that you don't have to deal with a burning vagina on top of hemorrhoids and a growing baby.

19. Wind

Just... so... much... wind...

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