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QUIZ: What Kind Of Feminist Are You?

by Pascale Day ,
QUIZ: What Kind Of Feminist Are You?© Getty Images

Lord knows we need women's rights. And boy have we come a damn long way in our fight for equality. But did you know there are different types of feminist? Your brand of feminism can decide exactly how and where you want women to strive. Take our quiz and see what kind of feminist you are.

Feminism is a huge and diverse world full of different opinions. Feminists come in all shapes and sizes with all different ideals, but with one main goal: to make women's rights equal to men. As Caitlin Moran says "you can make [feminism] whatever you want. There are going to be 3.3 billion different kinds of feminist because there's 3.3 billion kinds of women.We all have different kinds of concerns and hopes and fears, but I think we're all united by the belief that we want to be equal to men."

​Have you ever wondered what type of feminist you might be? Are you more of an easy-going feminist, a die-hard activist, or somewhere in between? Our quiz can help you find out! Check it out below:

What kind of feminist are you? Let us know the results! @sofeminineUK

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Pascale Day
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