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QUIZ: Which Summer Cocktail Are You?

by Pascale Day ,
QUIZ: Which Summer Cocktail Are You?© We Heart It

Listen up, folks. We've managed to answer one of life's most important questions, so put down the motorised fan and listen up 'cause you're going to want to take this quiz. Yep, that's right: quench your quizzical thirst and find out which summer cocktail you are.

Everyone knows what they're favourite cocktail is. Whether you like an easy-on-the-eye cocktail like the classic Cosmo, or something a little more robust like a Dark and Stormy, we all have that go-to drink that we enjoy after work on a hot summer's day. But which cocktail are you? Are you sweet or salty? Dark and dreamy or kinda vanilla? Find out below!

Share your results with us! @sofeminineUK

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Pascale Day
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