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16 Delicious (And Disgusting) Ways To Eat A Cadbury's Creme Egg

by Maria Bell ,
16 Delicious (And Disgusting) Ways To Eat A Cadbury's Creme Egg© Image via renbehan.com

We're not gonna lie, Cadbury's Creme Eggs bring out a side in us that no-one wants to see. Whether we're making an unholy mess after dunking them into tea or shame spiralling after stuffing down five in a row, these little eggs have the power to make or break us. After seeing what these people have done with them in their kitchens...we're not sure we can survive Easter anymore.

We've all had the magic idea to put a creme egg into a brownie but making it into a wanton? That's an area no man or woman should EVER enter.

Here's 16 of the best and worst ideas for cooking with creme eggs this Easter.

1. The Wanton *shudder*

2. Convert it to a cake pop

3. Butcher it into a scotch egg

4. Bake it into a cup cake

Full recipe here.

5. Lose it in your latte

6. Take on the cro-dough

Full recipe here.

7. Keep it classy with a soufflé

Full recipe here.

8. Melt into a milkshake...

Full recipe here.

9. Commit a crime against humanity and make into eggs benedict

Full recipe here.

10. Make creme brul-egg

Full recipe here.

11. Cake it in cream cheese

See the full recipe here.


Full recipe here.

13. Introduce it to bacon...

Full recipe here.

14. Play it safe with a brownie

Full recipe here.

15. Put it on pizza?

16. If all else fails, drink it down

After that pizza you'll need to. So how to do you eat yours? Tweet us at @soFeminineUK

Maria Bell
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