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Nando's Has Updated Its Menu And Our Tastebuds Are On Fire

by Helen Turnbull ,
Nando's Has Updated Its Menu And Our Tastebuds Are On Fire© Nando's

Just when you thought there was nothing the Peri-Peri professionals could to do improve their fail-safe menu, they’ve announced that five lip-smacking additions will be making their way to a Nando’s near you this Spring. There’s something for everyone with the favourite restaurant chain tapping into the #eatclean trend by offering something for its health-conscious diners, but we say save the diet for a rainy day 'cos there's too much foodie fun to be had.

  1. · The Fino Platter
  2. · The Supergrain Salad
  3. · The Supergrain Side
  4. · Peri-Peri Chocolate and Salted Caramel Brownies
  5. · Vinho (wine to you and me) Spritzers

Anybody who is anybody has their go-to Nando’s order committed to memory but we predict you’ll be crying out for a menu come May 17th as Spring has sprung and it looks good enough to eat. Feast your eyes on this finger-licking goodness.

Nando's New Fino Platter © Nando's
Nando's New Fino Platter
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The Fino Platter

The Holy Grail of the new Nando's menu - it features a whole flame-grilled chicken, deliciously flavoured in the spice of your choice, sweet potato wedges, fino coleslaw, peri-buttered corn on the cob, chargrilled veg and the newly-introduced super grain side.

Price: £23.95
Serves: Two

The Supergrain Salad

Not nearly as exciting as the previous dish but if you're carb-conscious, this should go some way to filling your Nando's craving. The Supergrain Salad combines all the goodness of greens and grains - think wheat berry, freekah (!?), edamame, quinoa, green beans, barley and kale - topped with generously-sized chunks of avocado while a delicious concoction of avocado and buttermilk provides a suitably tasty dressing.

Price: £6.25/£9.45 (with chicken)

The Supergrain Side

Watching your waistline but can't resist the glorious smell of grilled chicken? If the answer's yes, this one's for you. Swap your chips for a guilt-free superfood salad which is best described as a baby version of the above, minus the chicken.

Price: £2.40/£4.40 (large)

Peri-Peri Chocolate and Salted Caramel Brownies

Use the calories you saved up by opting for The Supergrain Salad to indulge in one of the dessert menu's two new brownie varieties. The salted caramel version is the safe option but if you’re the kind of person who gets a kick out of winning food-consumption challenges, we dare you to try the chocolate one which contains ‘a touch' of the brand's signature Peri-Peri African Bird's Eye Chilli.

Price: £2.40/£4.40 (large)

Vinho (wine to you and me) Spritzers

If you're the type who needs a good drink (or two) to wash down a Portuguese feast, you'll be pleased to know they've introduced three lighter versions of sangria which make for a social tipple. Choose from one of the following:

1. ​White: Crisp Cara Viva White wine spritzed with lemonade, freshly sliced lemon, lime and a sprig of cool mint
2. Rosé: Summer Fruit Cara Viva Rose wine, spritzed with lemonade, raspberries, sliced lime and cool mint leaves
3. Red: Cara Viva Red wine spritzed with lemonade, fresh raspberries, orange slices and a cinnamon stick

Additionally, Nando's have blessed us with the gift that is Peri-Pomegranate sauce which claims to be a sweet and tangy blend with a hint of chilli.

What do you think of Nando's new dishes? Let us know @sofeminineuk!

Nando’s launches its Spring menu in restaurants nationwide on Tuesday May 17th

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