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22 Life-changing Recipes To Step Up Your Sandwich Game This National Picnic Week

by Pascale Day ,
22 Life-changing Recipes To Step Up Your Sandwich Game This National Picnic Week© closetcooking.com

Forget love: sandwiches make the world go round. And with arguably our most revered holiday upon us, it feels only right that we honour National Sandwich Week with an eclectic mix of delicious sarnies - from great classics to international favourites to the downright weird (we're looking at you, doughnut grilled cheese). So don't waste our most treasured national holiday - check out our fave sandwiches, pick up some bread on your way home and get experimentin'.

Steak and Bacon Sandwich

I mean, the official name for this sandwich is "Grilled Hanger Steak & Applewood Smoked Shoulder Bacon Sandwich With Frisee & Red Onion Jam," but that's not as easy to say when you've got your mouth full, is it? Recipe here.

Ultimate Veggie Sandwich

You didn't think we were gonna leave you out, did you veggies? Meat and bread is delicious, but vegetables and bread can be just as tasty - if you get the combo right. Try out this bright sandwich here.

Brie and Bacon Sandwich with Caramelised Onions

As we all know, absolutely nothing can go wrong by adding a bit of cheese to bacon. This pairing is a match made in sandwich heaven. Try it here.

Grilled Chicken Club with Rosemary Aioli

It's the go-to holiday sarnie, but you don't have to be chillaxing in front of your hotel pool to enjoy a club sandwich anymore. And thank goodness for that - a club sandwich once a year is not enough club sandwich for anyone. Recipe here.

Homemade KFC Double Down Sandwich

It's the sandwich of legends. A fried chicken and bacon sandwich, only instead of bread, it was just more fried chicken. And now it's 100% recreatable in your own home, thanks to this guy, who I'm now determined to marry. Recipe here.

Fool's Gold Loaf

This sandwich, made infamous by Elvis Presley, is not for the faint of heart - seriously: a warm, hollowed out loaf filled with one jar of peanut butter, one jar of grape jam, and one pound of bacon. It's no surprise then, that Elvis had such an early demise considering these were his favourite sandwiches. But damnit, peanut butter and bacon? It's not hard to see why he liked it so much. Try it, if you dare, here.

Philly Cheesesteaks

If you ever go to ol' Murica, a Philly cheesesteak should be high up on your culinary bucket list. But alas, not all of us can afford an £800 flight for a steak sandwich, no matter how good it is. Keep your comestible cravings at bay with this homemade Philly cheesesteak and start saving for that flight. Recipe here.

Grilled Hanger Steak & Applewood Smoked Shoulder Bacon Sandwich With Frisee & Red Onion Jam © lincolnbarbour.com
Grilled Hanger Steak & Applewood Smoked Shoulder Bacon Sandwich With Frisee & Red Onion Jam
See album

Portabella Mushroom Cheesesteaks

Just in case you like the sound of a Philly cheesesteak but don't wanna take part in the whole meat-eating side of it, it's simple - swap out the steak and chuck in some mushrooms instead. Instant veggie deliciousness. Try it here.

Meatball Sub

I defy you to find anyone that doesn't like a meatball sub. And if you do, you must force them to eat one of these - they will quickly change their mind. Recipe here.

Ham, Cheddar and Cranberry Melt

A ham and cheddar sandwich is the meat and potatoes of sammies, but this recipe gives a lovely little Christmassy twist - a lick of cranberry jam and heated up until the cheese is all melty and oozing. A winter warmer at its best. Recipe here.

Croque Madame with Spinach and Smoked Salmon

Fancy taking your tastebuds to Paris? Go on, they deserve it. This is a Croque Madame with a sophis twist: a few leaves of peppery spinach and delicious smoked salmon to finish. Mouth. Is. Watering. Get it here.

Gua Bao with Braised Pork Ribs

Or if you want to treat your tongue to a taste further from home, these pork buns will make your mouth go HNNNNNG. These sweet, sticky, spicy treats aren't the easiest sandwich to make, but will have your tastebuds thanking you profusely. Go on, give 'em a go here - we believe in you!

BBQ Pulled Pork, Avocado, Gouda & Fried Egg Breakfast Sandwich on a Soft Pretzel Bun

This one's for all you hipsters out there... Pulled pork is so in right now, but it's not hard to see why - sweet and tender pork, topped with a fried egg and avo, sandwiched in between a pretzel bun? There ain't nothin' better. Try it out here.

Roasted Eggplant Banh Mi

We have to admit, we'd never heard of Banh Mi before we discovered this recipe, but we're so glad we did! Tangy from the lime, spicy from the jalepenos and hella crunchy from all those delicious veggies, this sandwich is a vegetarian's dream. Get the recipe here.

Doughnut Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Maple Glaze

Hear us out: you've got bacon, you've got cheese, you've got sweet, sweet maple glaze. The only thing that's going to make this more delectable is a glazed doughnut bookending this motha. Try it here.

Chicken and Waffle Grilled Cheese with Pickled Cherries

We're taking it down south with this chicken and waffle combo. Pickled cherries and okra optional but majorly tasty. Recipe here.

Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

Naaahh, we weren't going to get through a whole sandwich piece without including something for the sweet-toothed folks out there. We got your backs, guys! Why not follow your savoury sandwich with this churro ice cream sandwich - a sandwich chaser, if you will. Recipe here.

The Hamburger Smash

Cranberry. Chipotle cheddar. Pickled shishito peppers. Fried shallots. Medium rare burger. Grilled cheese. Need I say more? Didn't think so. Recipe here - you're welcome.

Salmon and Watercress San Bagnat

This rather large sandwich is made for a whole family, but we like to eat it alone, locked in a room where no one else can get to it. Or judge us. You can do the same here.

Peanut Butter Banana Waffle Sandwich

This devilish treat tastes like it would be unhealthy but the banana in it pretty much makes it healthy, right? Right... Try it out here.

Strawberry and Cream Cheese Filled French Toast

This is a dream breakfast for us french toast fiends. Fresh strawberries mixed with cream cheese and encased inside warm french toast, sprinkled with fine icing sugar. Are you dribbling yet? Fetch yourself a tissue and then try this recipe out here.

Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Sandwich

Wake up with a little trip to Mexico with this last sarnie. A little bit of spice from the salsa, mixed with refried beans for a bit of welcome stodge, a fried egg and guacamole. And we defy you to find ANYONE who does like a nice whack of guac early in the morning. Get the recipe here.

Tell us your secrets to making your favourite sandwich: @sofeminineUK

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