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Happy Pancake Day! 11 Yummy Pancake Recipes To Make You Drool

by Pascale Day ,
Happy Pancake Day! 11 Yummy Pancake Recipes To Make You Drool

Praise the lord 'cos Pancake day is FINALLY here, and we've been drooling about it since last Shrove Tuesday. Arguably more exciting than Crimbo it can be hard deciding what type of pancakes to make and, if you're anything like us, you just end up chucking on some lemon and sugar and you're done. But these recipes are simple and delicious, and will impress your fellow pancake flippers. Give 'em a go, you won't regret the extra effort.

Biscoff pancakes

If you haven't tried Biscoff yet, you haven't LIVED. Stir the spread into your pancake batter to make these tasty bad boys. They're pancakes 2.0. Get it here.

Rainbow pancakes

These colourful fellas are guaranteed to cheer up any breakfast plate, no matter how grey it is outside. Get the recipe here.

Savoury corn pancakes with rosemary and white cheddar

If you fancy something a little more elegant for your pancake day, these corn pancakes with rosemary and cheddar will get those sophisticated tastebuds going. Recipe here.

Zucchini pancakes

Zucchini is just a another word for courgette, but it totally makes these pancakes sound as fancy as they look delicious. Try 'em out here.

Wholewheat cherry vanilla bean pancakes

These pancakes are easy to make and a bit better for you than your regular ones. Super simple, super indulgent, super tasty. Get the recipe here.

Vegan Oreo cookie pancakes

We all know Oreos are the biscuit to trump all biscuits. Even vegans can eat them, that's how good they are. So if you're steering clear of wheat, dairy, and all other delicious things, these vegan Oreo pancakes are your saviour. Recipe here.

Apple pie pancakes

There's nothin' better than apple pie, right? Wrong. These are better. Combining two desserts to make one mega one? It doesn't get much better than that. Recipe here.

Double chocolate pancakes

These pancakes will make you go NNNNGH. Chocolate pancakes with chocolate chips and chocolate sauce. Need we go on? Recipe here.

Goat cheese pancakes with blackberry sauce

This is an interesting one. If you're feeling adventurous and want to try mixing sweet with savoury, this is the perfect one to try. The tart flavour of the blackberries perfectly compliment the goat's cheese. It'll also make your friends think you're a total pro in the kitchen. Get the recipe here.

Buttermilk beer pancakes

Can't get your boyfriend excited about pancake day? Just introduce beer into the mix - literally - and he'll be more than happy to come and help you flip out in the kitchen. Try them here.

Bacon pancake sticks

You really think we'd leave you without a pancake/bacon combo recipe? C'mon, we wouldn't do that to you! Fry the bacon straight into the middle of your mate's pancake to make them all fall in love with you. Recipe here.

Are you ready for pancake day? What recipe will you be following? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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