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The Gingerline: A whole lot more than secret dining

by Maria Bell ,
The Gingerline: A whole lot more than secret dining© Gingerline

The three things that you can always rely on in life are: one – people need to eat, two - everyone loves to party, three - we all go mad over a good secret. So when Gingerline announced that they’re putting on another event that combines all three of these things (and tickets go live on Monday), you can imagine what happened next. We wanted in.

If you haven’t heard about Gingerline, (and the probability is that you haven’t, secrecy is their thing after all), then let us talk you through it.

Gingerline is a group of creative folk, who for the last three years have been holding secret nomadic dining experiences all over the East London Line. The theme, menu, and venue are all kept a total secret for the entire run of the event, the only peep you will hear is a text message with the location an hour before it starts. You’re excited already aren’t you?

Initially starting off as a way show off art and food to their nearest and dearest, Gingerline has gone from entertaining 25 friends to 10,000 foodies across London.

Kerry Adamson, one of the original founders of Gingerline says: “To be honest there’s not a lot of stuff around like the events we do, and there were even less when we started. We were inspired by some of the much older themed events like Pale Blue Door and Ms. Marmite, that sort of thing, but we didn’t want to create it along those lines. Really we just created Gingerline based on what we thought would be an excellent night out.”

© Gingerline
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Trust us, an excellent night out is a huge understatement, Adamson is being very modest. Previous events include a four course Victorian feast held in the old hidden Brunnel tunnels in Rotherhithe, and a Siberian circus held in a costumier in New Cross Gate. Combining outstanding food, live performance, costumes, props, lighting – the whole shebang - Gingerline have even been compared to the Gods of the immersive experiences, Punch Drunk. So if you haven’t realised quite what these girls are all about, then you better get started.

And we said girls for a reason, we have to point out that Gingerline was started by women. Kerry says: “I’m proud to be part of something that is a nearly all female group, it wasn’t purposeful it just all kind of happened that way.

But in a world where social media rules supreme, how long can a secret event that lasts over 2 months be kept underground? Well Kerry says it’s not a problem.

“The secrecy thing has been there right from the start. It was key for us to just be able to create these worlds, so it just made sense for us to keep it secret. Keeping it secret is not a marketing ploy, it’s more to get people to experiment freely without having preconceptions about things. The fact that people don’t know where they’re going until an hour before creates this buzz, and you can feel it, it’s so palpable when you walk in to the space. We had 10,000 people come to the last event in all, and not one person tweeted or facebooked apart from to say they had a great time – which is what we need!” she continues.

So what can you expect from their new event? Well obviously we can’t tell you anything, but Hideout, which opens in November, is set to be bigger and better than ever.

If you're as caught up in the magic as we are then here's a heads up: tickets go on sale on Monday 30th September at 9am so we suggest you watch their website like a hawk because these are going to sell like hot cakes.

Ticketed dates will be 7 & 8, 13-16, 20-22, 27-30 November and 3, 5, 6 & 7 December with a final destination of somewhere on the East London Line, (the orange line, Gingerline - you get the connection). So pencil this into your diary, this is a secret you definitely want to hear.

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Maria Bell
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