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WATCH: Rihanna Asked A Fan To Sing FourFiveSeconds & Her Reaction Is Amazing
When Rihanna passes you the mic you do one of two things: Have a major freaking meltdown or just stay cool and slay. This dude did the latter and even Ri-Ri couldn't hold her sh*t together. Duet coming soon...
WATCH: The Trailer For The Backstreet Boys And N'Sync Zombie Western Movie Is Finally Here
Calling all nineties kids! This is one Sci Fi original film you do not want to miss out on. Forget Sharknado, the network is back with a new original starring our favourite boy bands, Backstreet Boys and NSync slaying zombies and drinking whiskey...
Little Mix's Jade Thirwell Just Shut Down A Homophobe And It Was Amazing
Love them or hate them, it's fair to say that the girls of Little Mix do not take any sh*t. From shutting down body shamers to tearing down haters on Instagram, they know how to handle negativity (with ZERO tolerance...
The Definitive Ranking Of Television's Most Cringeworthy Characters
If you hate the sort of comedy that makes you want to turn away from the screen with embarrassment, this isn't the one for you. But if you thrive on cringeworthy moments, these are THE comedy characters who know exactly how to make you cringe even at the very memory of watching...
WATCH: The Full Trailer For The Legend Of Tarzan Is Here And You Should Prepare Yourself
Prepare to swoon because the full trailer for The Legend of Tarzan is here and clearly the trailer editor took our cries for more shirtless Alexander Skarsgård very seriously. Seriously, is there anyone hotter than Alex is in this trailer...
14 Characters Who Are Legit Going To Die In Game Of Thrones Season Six
Since Game of Thrones kills off roughly a couple dozen named characters and about three or four major characters per season, you are a sweet summer child if you think season six is going to come and go without the God of Death rearing his head...
6 Of The Best TV Comedies Where Women Are Running The Whole Damn Show
Anyone who ever said women aren't funny are totally, utterly wrong, and I have strong anecdotal proof. This is a great time for women in comedy, with broader and more diverse female characters popping up all the time...
This Brilliant IKEA Prank Could Happen To Any Of Us
One time, when I was about 11, my cousin and I got lost in IKEA. The idea was that we would meet my Uncle near kitchenware, but somehow we ended up in the lighting section with no idea how we got there...
18 Beautiful Disney Quotes To Live Your Life By
Disney movies always have a strong moral story that might have been a little lost on us when we were kids and all we cared about was knowing every word to all the songs. Although we're all grown up now, some of the messages will always stay with us and are more relevant now than ever before...
Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Have Gone On Holiday And The Photos Are Adorable
Maybe it's because we're pleased Taylor Swift has finally found love, or maybe it's because we just enjoy looking at Calvin Harris in swimming trunks. Either way we couldn't help but smile to ourselves...
A Grieving Mother Wrote To JK Rowling Thanking Her For Helping Her Daughter, And You Have To Read The Letter
Books can be such a beautiful gift, especially when they are used to help in truly dire situations. Once such case is the story of Chrissy and her daughter, who turn to Harry Potter for comfort after she was diagnosed with cancer...
Danny Dyer Plays A Drag Queen In Lucy Rose's New Music Video And It's Totes Emosh
The UK's favourite hard man has appeared in folk singer Lucy Rose's new video for her single Nebraska, and it makes for an emotional video about fear, acceptance, and being who you are.
WATCH: The Trailer For Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children Is Here And Looks Amazing
The first trailer for Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children is here and we have to admit it looks intriguing. As a bestselling young adult novel that isn't set in a futuristic dystopian world (honestly!) the novel adaptation has been taken on by Tim Burton, and it looks gloriously creepy...
Seth Rogen's New Animated Comedy Has a Red Band Trailer And It Is Legit Insane
Seth Rogen and co are back with new film Sausage Party, but perhaps not in the way you're used to seeing them... See, Seth is an animated sausage, and we're totally into it. Along with his usual crew of comedy actors...
Ian McShane Is Dropping All The Game Of Thrones Spoilers And He Doesn't Even Care
The cast of Game of Thrones have, as we all know, been repeatedly lying to us for the past year. Unless the writers are about to ignore five seasons of foreshadowing and hints, it is clear that Jon, in some capacity, is going to rise again after his multiple stabbings...
17 Things Every Self-Respecting Cat Lady Needs
The cat lady life isn't just for little old ladies anymore. Much like knitting and the art of a blue rinse, being a cat lady is just so bang on trend right now. How many Instagram accounts have you seen dedicated to the millennial felines...
WATCH: The Full Trailer For Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season Two Is Here
Season one of this weird and wonderful show saw Kimmy escape her life in an underground cult and rejoin the world with the help of her melodramatic roommate Titus, their scatty landlord Lillian and her rich boss, Jacqueline...
The #VisibleMe Instagram Account Allows Young LGBTQ People Share Their Stories
An Instagram account set up by LGBTQ pioneer and YouTube marketing whizz Raymond Braun is allowing people to come forward and share their experiences growing up as part of the LGBTQ youth, and damn, these kids are hella wise...
'Damn Daniel' Has Donated His Lifetime Supply Of White Vans
Damn Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans - literally! The worlds' favourite Daniel recently donated a whole bunch of brand new trainers given to him by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to a California children's hospital, making us love him even more...
Redheads Aren't Dying Out...And They Also Might Be Genetically Superior
Laugh it up, playground bullies who couldn't leave us poor gingers alone, because the redheads have risen up and guess what? We're genetically superior than ALL of you! In all seriousness, it turns out that not only are redheads...
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