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The Vaginal Pressure Inducer Is Here To Make Your Orgasms Better
When it comes to ways to get women off, we've heard the best of 'em: rampant rabbits, bullets, pebbles, love eggs. You name it, we've heard it whispered in low, giggly tones by gaggles of girls - and perhaps shouted once enough cocktails have been consumed...
Women Are Blow Drying Their Vaginas After Sex And They Really Shouldn't
Sex can be a minefield at the best times but have you ever considered just how hygienic your post-coital, clean-up operation is? While most people will have their preferred method of ridding themselves of excess sexual fluid...
Fidget Spinner Porn Is A Real-life Thing And We Don't Understand Why
2017 has seen the birth of many weird, wonderful and downright unnecessary inventions and trends but fidget spinner porn may just trump everything that's come before it. According to the holy grail of X-rated Internet videos PornHub...
Nokia 3310 Phones Make Great Vibrators, According To Women In India
Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? But how far are you prepared to go to get off? Women in India have proved themselves as a frugal lot as the humble Nokia 3310 i.e. the phone no British...
Unicorn Spit Lube Is Proof Our Obsession With The Mythical Creature Has Gone Too Far
If you got the horn over those 'magical' unicorn dildos that came to our attention earlier this year, you're going to freak the hell out over the mythical creature's latest offering. Enter: unicorn spit lube...
Unlock Your Inner Sex Goddess: How To Masturbate for Your Partner (and Feel Sexy As Hell Doing It)
Think masturbation is nothing but a selfish, self-indulgent act? Well think again, ladies. Masturbation is actually a great way to spice up your sex life by helping strengthen your bond with your partner and improve your sexual confidence...
This Vibrator Is Gold Plated And Will Cost You A Cool £10,000
They say the best things in life are free but that's bullsh*t according to the makers of the world's most expensive sex-toy collection. High-end brand Lelo hope to put an end to your cheap (free) thrills with their latest offering of golden vibrators that are fit only for royalty...
This Is How To Make Your Orgasm A *Super* Orgasm
A life without orgasms is a life not worth living IMHO and that's why I jumped with joy when I heard a new and improved orgasm was doing the rounds. Enter: The Super Orgasm. Imagine if you could make your average orgasm 100 times better...
These Unicorn Horn Dildos Are Proof Our Obsession With The Mythical Creature Needs To Stop
In today's unicorn-related news, I bring you horn-shaped dildos. Courtesy of boutique sex-toy makers Geeky Sex Toys - who are on mission to make masturbation magical - the pointed pleasure tools are designed to give you the horn...
Girl On Top, Missionary, Doggy? Top 5 Sex Positions From Around The World
Does your sex life need a makeover!? Well fear not 'cos what better to spice up your life than trying some new sex moves from around the globe? Surprisingly, missionary didn't tick many hot lists, but...
Oh Yeah! 23 Climaxes That Are Better Than Orgasms
We've all experienced orgasms before. That whole tingly sensation that takes over your body? I mean, don't get us wrong, it's amazing and all but what about life's little known climaxes that are just as good if not WAY better? There are tons of things that give us that same orgasmic feeling...
How To Use Sex Toys To Blow BOTH Of Your Minds: From Rabbits To Ben Wa Balls
If you’re looking to spice up your sex life whilst leave your man begging for more, a new toy could be an absolute game changer. But if you're curious about how to use sex toys, relax, 'cos we're here to tell you what types are available and how to make the most of your kinky fun...
Why Masturbating In Front Of Your Boyfriend Is The Sexiest Thing You Can Do
Awkwardness aside, every girl knows touching herself in front of her man has the potential to be the greatest thing she can do. But let's just say that the first time eyes are 'all on you' can be slightly, err, uncomfortable...
10 Hot Role Play Ideas To Set Your Bedroom Alight
While we’d all like to pretend we’re forever channelling our inner sex goddess, in reality we’re not actually having that much sex. Research commissioned by safe sex giants Durex found that one in ten people haven’t tried anything new in the bedroom for over six years...
Lesbian kama sutra: 100 sex positions for women
Lesbian kama sutra: 100 sex positions for women
The ultimate Fifty Shades of Grey sex toys: Fifty shades of fun
The ultimate Fifty Shades of Grey sex toys: Fifty shades of fun
50 Shades of Grey Sex Positions To Channel Your "Inner Goddess"
50 Shades of Grey Sex Positions To Channel Your "Inner Goddess"
Sex Positions - Kamasutra Sex Positions
Sex Positions - Kamasutra Sex Positions
A Beginner's Guide To Using A Vibrator
You might want to consider investing in a sex a toy if orgasms are nothing more than a fantasy at the moment. To hell with being timid! If you're new to the self-pleasure game and are clueless on how to use a vibrator, allow us to advise...
10 Ways Your Mobile Is Getting In The Way Of Your Sex Life
When it comes to love and affection, it's true smartphones do play an integral part in our relationships BUT what about when it comes to sex? Ladies, it's time we switched off those phones and truly enjoyed sex once and for all...
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The Vaginal Pressure Inducer Is Here To Make Your Orgasms Better
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