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Top 100 Baby Names For Your Little One

by Lareese Craig ,
Top 100 Baby Names For Your Little One

Choosing a name for your baby has to be one of the hardest decisions you'll make in your life. It's got to suit them from day dot right up to when they're applying for their dream job, so the pressure really is on for every parent to pick wisely. We've compiled a list of the top 100 baby names to make the baby-naming process a little easier on you. Now all that's left to do is say veto to all the suggestions from your partner, right?

Whether you want to go for one of the popular baby names or get a little inventive and make one up, there's a name out there somewhere that's bound to be just right for your little one.

To make the mammoth task a little easier for you (and everybody around you), we've rounded up the top 100 baby names for girls and boys. From the great classics to the modern favourites, you're bound to find something that's at least worth pencilling on the maybe list.


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Lareese Craig
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