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Opposites attract: Weird celebrity couples

by the editorial team Published on 16/06/2015 at 15:00
Opposites attract: Weird celebrity couples
We nearly fell off our chair when we heard that pint-sized Aussie pop princess Kylie had hooked up with Jean-Claude Van Damme (A.K.A. The muscles from Brussels) in 1994.

Although their affair was kept out of the press at the time of their romance, Jean-Claude recently let slip their secret fling, revealing that it all happened when they were filming Street Fighter together in Thailand.

Kylie and Jean-Claude aren’t the only bizarre celebrity pair to have got it together; in fact, there are lots of weird and wonderful couples who you would never have thought would be interested in each other.

Here are Sofeminine’s wackiest celebrity couples. Warning: Your jaw might hit the floor once or twice…