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Cara Delevingne set to record an album with Rita Ora

by Francesca Menato ,
Cara Delevingne set to record an album with Rita Ora© WENN

She may be the model of the moment but Cara Delevingne is apparently looking to get musical...and who better to have to help than pop star Rita Ora? Cara looks all set to lay down some tracks with her bestie.

It-girl of the moment Cara Delevingne has always been upfront about her desire to do more than just modelling - and it looks like she's going to try her hand at music.

With a little help from her best friend Rita Ora, Cara has been working on recording an album.

Rita - Cara's "wifey" - has apparently agreed to guide the 20-year-old in the ways of making music and will work with her in the studio in the coming months.

She is even set to sing on a track with the Burberry model.

A source told The Sun: “Cara’s singing voice is a lot better than anyone will expect.

“She started sessions in LA this month and has already played Rita a few of the songs she’s come up with.

“She has a first single ready to go that she is considering releasing online soon. Cara is lucky that in her friendship group she has loads of mates in the music industry.

“Rita has promised to head into the studio with her so they can record together. They want to create a fun pop track together.”

Any excuse for these two to spend time together!

Cara has already met with casting agents about a possible acting career, and appeared briefly in Anna Karenina last year.

So, apparently taking over the fashion world and potentially the big screen just isn't enough for the dark-browed beauty.

We can't even imagine what her musical sound will be like...will there be instruments? Dance beats? Dancers?

So many possibilities!

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