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Holly Willoughby's sexy low-cut dress on The Voice final sparks 139 complaints

by Esme Riley ,
Holly Willoughby's sexy low-cut dress on The Voice final sparks 139 complaints© BBC

Did you watch the final of The Voice last weekend? Viewers have complained that Holly Willoughby's low-cut dress was an unsuitable choice for a family show aired before 9pm. Do you agree? Or are the public being too uptight?

The BBC has apologised after viewers of The Voice complained about host Holly Willoughby's outfit choice.

The gorgeous TV presenter looked amazing in an extremely low-cut cleavage-enhancing black lace maxi dress for the show's final.

But TV watchdog Ofcom received 139 complaints from people who felt the outfit was unsuitable for a show that airs before the 9pm watershed.

The BBC has since said sorry to anyone who found Holly's wardrobe "unsuitable".

It wasn't all bad for the BBC, though, as they pulled in 8.7million viewers at the peak of the show final - two million more than the previous week.

Holly Willoughby © BBC
Holly Willoughby
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But many speculated on Twitter that 32-year-old Holly's revealing dress was to thank for the increased ratings.

One viewer posted: "If The Voice wants to boost its ratings, why don’t they send out Holly in a bikini?"

Another wrote: "It's so obvious the BBC is making Holly Willoughby wear low cut dresses so The Voice can get ratings."

A BBC spokesperson told the Daily Mirror yesterday: "We're sorry if some viewers found Holly's dress to be unsuitable.

"Holly enjoys fashion and we felt the dress she wore was glamorous and wholly appropriate for the occasion.

"We don't believe it would have gone against audience expectations for a TV spectacle such as this."

Mum-of-two Holly has won numerous 'best boobs' polls in the past and even has the nickname "Willoughbooby".

But Holly - who also stars on Celebrity Juice - has admitted in the past that she isn't bothered about the attention her chest attracts.

She said: "I don’t mind people fixating on my cleavage and I mainly blame Keith Lemon for bringing it into the main arena so people feel the need to talk about it all the time.

"But it’s fine, it’s fine - they’re only boobs."

She's also commented that it's hard to keep her breasts out of sight.

Holly revealed: "When you're a curvy girl it's difficult to wear something that doesn't do that anyway.

"My boobs are my boobs - they're there. And there's not much I can do about that."

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Holly Willoughby © Getty
Holly Willoughby
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Esme Riley
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