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Kate Middleton baby news: Duchess won't let royals "interfere"

by Francesca Menato ,
Kate Middleton baby news: Duchess won't let royals "interfere"© Getty

Kate Middleton has been happily blazing her own trail as the latest in a long line of royal mothers-to-be. The 31-year-old has decided to take control of all that she can when it comes to the arrival of her baby, while also adhering to strict royal traditions.

Kate Middleton is due to give birth to her baby in July this year and it's safe to say the world will be watching.

With such huge media scrutiny on royal babies, a huge amount of decisions are made by the palace for the mother-to-be.

One of these is the choice of hospital in which Kate will give birth.

It was reported that Kate wanted to have her child in Reading, at the Royal Berkshire NHS Hospital where she was born.

But royal correspondent Robert Jobson believes this is one fight the pregnant star won't win.

He told Now magazine: "The location hasn't officially been revealed yet, but it looks likely she's follow tradition and give birth in the private wing of St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London, where William and Harry were born."

But one departure from tradition that Kate is reportedly not willing to negotiate on is the presence of Wills in the delivery room.

Robert said: "I'm sure he'll be there. It's become more common recently."

Other members of the royal family are apparently leaving most big decisions up to Kate.

Kate Middleton © Getty
Kate Middleton
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He said: "The Queen, Charles and Camilla will support Kate and William in their choices regarding the baby. They don't interfere.

"They won't attend the hospital, but the Middletons are likely to be there.

"When it comes to the birth itself, Kate will leave all the decisions up to the doctors on the day about whether it's a natural birth, what pain control she'll have or if it needs to be a Caesarean."

The royal pair are also planning to stay in their modest house, Nottingham Cottage - in the grounds of Kensington Palace - with their new arrival.

Compared with previous royal couples, the home will be small and cosy.

The pair are still waiting for the renovations to be completed on their Kensington Palace apartments, but this is no problem for Kate.

Robert said: "Kate's settled at Nott Cott so she's not stressed about the wait. She’s looking forward to organising her nest."

Like the birth, the palace won't be getting involved in the naming of the child, although there are strict traditions that Wills and Kate are unlikely to ignore.

Robert added: "The names will be a matter for the couple to decide, the Queen will not get involved."

Regardless of all of this, now the Queen has announced the reduction of her international duties, Kate will have hers ramped up and is apparently expected to get back to work just five months after the birth!

Kate Middleton © Getty
Kate Middleton
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Francesca Menato
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