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Made In Chelsea Season 5: Louise tells Spencer she "f*cking hates" him

by Francesca Menato ,
Made In Chelsea Season 5: Louise tells Spencer she "f*cking hates" him© Channel 4

So Made In Chelsea is finally back on our screens after what feels like years but has really only been a few months. Last night’s episode was a classic MIC treat full of absurd new friendships, Spencer Matthews' spectacular arrogance and of course some tears from Louise.

We ended Made In Chelsea series four with the revelation that Spencer Matthews had cheated on Louise Thompson, so of course everyone was eagerly awaiting the new season to see if she'd taken him back.

We last saw Spencer when he was fresh from the sting of Millie Mackintosh's palm after she slapped him because of what he'd done to her friend.​

But last night's episode quickly taught us that of course Louise had forgiven her cheating beau.

The pair of them apparently patched things up at Spencer's family’s luxury resort in St Barth, but returned to Chelsea to field the questions and confusion of their friends.

Millie and Rosie Fortescue were particularly disappointed in Louise's choice to forgive Spencer, but nonetheless she hesitantly told anyone who asked that yes, she did still trust him.

Meanwhile, Spencer was insisting that the reason he lied was simply because he had "a girlfriend who he loved" and wanted to spare her feelings...

Then came the dinner. We'd seen the adverts - she threw a napkin at his head - and wow did he deserve it.

The pair got into a row after self-confessed "player" Lucy Watson conveniently arrived to inform Louise that her lovely Spennie had called her the day after they broke up.

Without an ounce of remorse, Spencer defended his choice to "make a lot of calls" after they split and couldn't hide his total shock when Louise told him she "f*cking hates" him and accused him of being desperate.

He replied:​ "You think I'm desperate? Remember who you're f*cking talking to. Yeah, sure, a phone call, get over it."

Somehow, after this appalling display, Spencer was the one to walk out on Louise, leaving her teary-eyed and alone in the restaurant.

During the show, Louise took to Twitter to hint at what's in store for her and Spencer.

She wrote: "Rage...Just you wait. Mwahahahaha" and followed up with "#shouldhavebeenafork".

​Fingers crossed Spencer's getting the boot!

The fallout from 'the slap' also affected our favourite mystery business man, Francis Boulle.

Francis was in Spencer's bad books because he was the one who'd revealed the truth about his cheating ways.

After we got over the despair that Francis in fact did not get the girl - according to Sophia's Twitter she is "now focussing soley on [her] acting career" - we watched him handle Spencer's irrational rage with grace.

After Spencer requested that they "be men" and have a chat, Francis held his ground as he reminded Spencer of his total lack of respect for Louise.

And when Spencer snapped that it was the second time he'd been betrayed by him, Francis responded: "Twice? Oh, after the time when you slept with [Jamie's] girlfriend?"

Points to Boulle.

Taking a back seat in this first episode were Andy Jordan and Stevie Johnson, who were typically on the prowl for the new talent.

It ​emerged in the form of new characters Fran and Olivia Newman-Young, plus Phoebe-Lettice.

Elsewhere, it seemed Binky Felstead and Lucy had apparently spent the past five months becoming pals, while once-gay, actually-not-so-gay Ollie Locke snagged himself a girlfriend in the form of Ashley James - Francis' former squeeze.

Keep up.

Monday seems like such a long wait but you know it'll be worth it. We were so ready.

Spencer Matthews © Channel 4
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