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Star Trek 2 Into Darkness spoiler clip: Benedict Cumberbatch revealed as Khan

by Francesca Menato ,
Star Trek 2 Into Darkness spoiler clip: Benedict Cumberbatch revealed as Khan© Getty

Spoiler alert! We already knew Benedict Cumberbatch is set to play the villain in the next instalment of the new Star Trek film, Into Darkness...but everyone's been desperate to know which classic bad guy he was set to play - and now it seems pretty obvious he'll be reviving the role of Khan.

Star Trek Into Darkness has released a special teaser clip of Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch coming to the blows in the upcoming movie.

Chris Pine's Captain Kirk character yells to his prisoner: "The only reason you are alive is because I am allowing it."

Benedict, whose deep voice and slicked black hair give him that perfect villain edge, goes on to tell Captain Kirk of an apparent betrayal on his ship.

The clip has got fans highly excited for the release of the new movie.

The film has finally been screened for critics in full and it has been generally agreed that the character Benedict is playing has to be Khan.


The super villain was originally played by Ricardo Montalbán in 1982's Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, which was previously accepted as the best ever Star Trek.

Sherlock star Benedict will head up what already looks likely to be a sizable British contingent for Star Trek II.

​Simon Pegg is due to return as Scottie, while Alice Eve and Noel Clarke are also joining the cast.

The latter will reportedly play a family man, with a wife and young daughter, who becomes involved in Kirk and Spock's latest adventure.

The man behind these new Star Trek films, JJ Abrams, has the Midas touch when it comes to Sci-Fi blockbusters and is set to create a seventh Star Wars soon.

The mega-producer was apparently blown away by Benedict's audition.

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