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Victoria Beckham named Woman Of The Decade as she takes Brooklyn to Glamour Awards

by Francesca Menato ,
Victoria Beckham named Woman Of The Decade as she takes Brooklyn to Glamour Awards© Getty

Victoria Beckham was honoured as Glamour magazine's Woman Of The Decade at last night's award ceremony and took her eldest son Brooklyn as her date, since husband David was away for work. With both an award and such a well behaved son in tow, Vicky B was having a very good night.

Victoria Beckham attended last night's Glamour Awards ceremony with her 14-year-old son Brooklyn on her arm.

The ex-Spice Girl turned fashion designer was honoured with the Woman Of The Decade award, which she accepted graciously and in good humour.

The tiny star arrived in a simple black Maison Martin Margiela outfit of black wide-legged trousers and a strapless top.

Meanwhile, her eldest son was looking dapper in a black suit and tie.

Taking the place of his dad David Beckham, who was absent for work commitments in Miami, Brooklyn stood proud at his mum's side.

Collecting her award, she gave a shout out to her date for the evening and despite her best efforts to embarrass him he kept his cool.

She kicked off her acceptance speech with a slightly crass joke, adjusting the microphone as she quipped: "I need to raise this up...I've never had to do that before."

The 39-year-old quickly fell into a fit of embarrassed giggles and apologised, remembering her son was in the room.

She then said: "Thank you to Brooklyn, my date tonight and the most handsome man in the room, even though he's avoiding his homework."

Victoria went on to thank those closest to her for her success in her career.

She said: "Thank you to Mum and Dad, my husband who supports my dreams, and Simon Fuller.

"What an an amazing 10 years. I feel blessed to have had two careers and in 10 years I will be nearly fifty!"

Taking note of the spirit of the awards, she paid tribute to all the hardworking ladies out there: "I want to congratulate all the women. I love to support women. Girl power!"

She then gushed: "My mum is my woman of the year. I'm sure a lot of people say that about their mums but she is. She's here tonight."

Victoria added: "I really love women but there aren't enough women out there who support other women. That's what we should do, support each other. That's why I'm here tonight."

Asked for her style tips, she said: "Dress appropriately. Dress in a way that suits you. You have to feel comfortable."

Oh Vicky B, we just love you!

Victoria and Brooklyn Beckham © Getty
Victoria and Brooklyn Beckham
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