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Cheryl Cole's career doesn't need Simon Cowell

by the editorial team Published on 01/06/2011 at 00:00
Cheryl Cole's career doesn't need Simon Cowell

Who needs Simon Cowell? Not Cheryl Cole. She might have been ditched from the US X Factor but she's able to carve a career without his help.

Cheryl Cole's career doesn't need Simon Cowell

Cheryl Cole's family and friends have said she can still have a successful stateside career without the help of music mogul Simon Cowell.

Despite forging a strong friendship the pair are now on bad terms after Cheryl Cole felt utterly humiliated when she was dropped from the US X Factor as a judge - a role that Simon had promised her.

Luckily Cheryl Cole has other friends in high places in the US - Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas and on/off 'special friend' Derek Hough are on her side.

Will.i.am said: "The X Factor is not the only way for Cheryl to break the US, it's not like it's the only show on television."

Now Cheryl is more determined than ever to be successful without the help of Simon and his beloved X Factor.
Cheryl's mum Joan said to The Sun: "He'll have to come up with something special for them to even speak again."

Stick to your guns Cheryl!

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