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Robert Pattinson's trainer shares ideas to fight holiday weight gain

by Teddi Ginsberg ,
Robert Pattinson's trainer shares ideas to fight holiday weight gain© Getty

'Tis the season! Between the Thanksgiving turkey and trimmings, the eggnog, the Christmas cookies, and all the other goodies we come across at countless holiday soirees, it's a bit too easy to pack on a few extra pounds this time of year. Never fear, though, because celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak (his clients include R-Patz, Lady Gaga, and Halle Berry, to name a few) shares strategies to fight back.

Harley Pasternak is responsible for the figures of many of our favorite Hollywood hotties - notably, of course, Mr. Robert Pattinson. In addition to being a trainer, Harley is also a nutrition expert. He understands how easy it is to be tempted by all of the indulgences that the holiday season offers and recently shared his realistic approach to battling the temptations with People. Here are our favorite ways to beat "festive fat", as Harley calls it.

At social events, try to save the alcohol for after dinner. Drinking early on might trigger your appetite. Go after salad and veggies first, and then hit the heavier dishes. You'll be less hungry by then and can enjoy a little bit of rich food without overindulging.

Don't allow the cold temps to kill your sweat. Workout inside with a DVD or with an active game on Wii. When you can leave the house, hit up a fun indoor class that'll warm you up quickly, like spinning or Zumba. Even walking around a mall counts as cardio! Bonus points if you're finishing up your holiday shopping. Way to kill two birds with one stone!

The decrease in daylight can be a mood killer - not to mention a productivity killer, too! It's hard to be motivated when we're seeing less light. Try to spend a few extra minutes outside during the day, when the sun is out. The boost of Vitamin D does a body good. Exercising is always a good way to cheer up, too.

Lastly, November and December come with lots of seasonal treats that feel fleeting. You have to Instagram that shot of you holding your Starbucks red cup, right? Well, no one will know whether a peppermint hot chocolate (350 calories for 12 oz) or coffee with a splash of half and half (25 calories for 12 oz) is inside. So when you do want that holiday treat, make sure you really want it. And enjoy it.

What's your favorite thing to indulge in this time of year? How do you fight Christmas Belly? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

Teddi Ginsberg
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