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15 Stylish But Practical Afro Hairstyles For Your Little Girl

by Tolani Shoneye ,
15 Stylish But Practical Afro Hairstyles For Your Little Girl© creative soul photos

One of the best things about having afro hair is that you can switch it up whenever you want. Since you are always changing your do, it's only right your little girl follows suit. So we have put together 15 'aww' inducing hairstyles that you have to try on your lil' afro princess.

We're sure you have memories of sitting between your mothers legs while she combed (YANKED), oiled and plaited your hair, so you're very aware that styling natural hair can be a little difficult. Getting a comb through it calls for its own celebration.

However, it really doesn't have to be such a struggle, we speak to celebrity stylist and Afro Hairdresser of the Year Charlotte Mensah of Hair Lounge, London who reveals her top tips on looking after kid's afro hair.

Use A Pre Wash Treatment

First things first - the pre-wash. Charlotte says that using a pre-wash treatment is vital to managing otherwise unruly locks.

"Use MIZANI D'Tangle as a pre-wash treatment. Spritz through the hair before washing to thoroughly detangle and loosen the hair, this reduces friction and therefore prevents breakage when you wash the hair. This detangler also softens the hair making it more manageable," she says.


They say good work(wo)men never blames their tools? Well Charlotte says otherwise. The key to preventing "tears and broken combs", according to her, is all in the type of brush that you use and the technique you use it with. Lets explain...

"After washing, gently comb the hair with a wide-tooth comb working from tip to root. Start with the tips and gently work toward the roots to prevent stress on the hair through pulling, which can cause breakage and frizz," she says.

Making sure that afro hair is well moisturised also makes things a lot easier when you are detangling.

As afro hair tends to be dry, especially if it has a tight curl pattern, not only should you regularly oil the hair, but try adding extra olive oil or jojoba oil to shampoos and conditioners to add moisture that is usually stripped when the hair gets washed. Stick to using water-based moisturisers and nourish hair with natural oils likes argan or shea butter to make styling easier.

Bedtime Routine

Charlotte also explains a trick you can do at night. "Put hair into two big twists or corn rows as this will help the hair to retain moisture and prevent tangles making it more manageable the next day. If possible give your kids a silk pillow case to use too - you'll thank yourself on busy mornings!"

Now you've done the hard bit, here 15 hairstyles that you have to try.

1. Single Cornrow

For when you don't have the time to cornrow all her hair, a single side cornrow is super cute and still allows her to show off her 'FRO.

2. Flower Power

Adding a flower crown to her afro is simple but so effective. Just look at how adorable it is.

3. Cornrow Up-do

This do is great for any special occasion.

4. Afro Puffs

Afro puffs will always be the cutest hairstyle ever.

5. Braided Mohican

Hands down the coolest kid in school.

6. 'FRO out

Let her embrace her afro. Just wash, condition, brush, and it's good to go.

7. Pigtails

The go-to hair style for all little princesses.

8. Beaded Braids

Add some colour with beads. You remember the joy of having beads in your hair right?

9. Braided Top Knot

The perfect little top knot with a added bow. Can we have a minute for this little girls edges. EDGES ON FLEEK!

10. Bantu Knots

We know bantu knots are normally reserved for bed time, but just look how cute this looks.

11. Flat Rope Twists

For those of you who haven't mastered cornrowing. This style is quick and pretty easy.

12. Marley Braids

A cute style, that she can keep in for a couple of weeks.

13. Halo Braid

Just imagine how cute your little one will look with this hair.

14. Ninja Bun

Because natural hair is made for the ninja bun style.

15. Wrap It Up

Scarfs are not just for bad hair days don't ya know.

Have a look at these products that will work wonders on your little girl's hair.

Hairstyles for black girls
Hairstyles for black girls
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Mizani D'Tangle Moisturising Leave In Milk | Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Moisture-Gro Shining Hairdress | Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner | Dark & Lovely Ouchless Detangle Spray | KeraCare Leave–In Conditioner | Mizani Supreme Oil Shampoo

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