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20 Must-Try Hairstyles for Little Girls

by Emma Goddard ,
20 Must-Try Hairstyles for Little Girls© Brosa/iStock/Getty Images

Through primary school and most of secondary school, my mother always did my hair. Braids and pigtails were her strong suit, but sometimes she even helped me curl my locks by placing them in heat rollers. You know, those things that existed before curling irons? You could say she was my personal stylist. So for all you mums and dads out there who are personal stylists for your daughter, here are so many great hairstyles for little girls.

Like the true hair stylist expert you are, you'll absolutely adore these cute dos. They might be difficult to get the hang of at first, but your daughter will appreciate the effort. Plus, doesn't every parent want their child to be the coolest kid on the playground?

From casual braids to some updos that are a little more formal, you'll definitely experience some trial and error by bringing these new hairstyles into your life. Just don't give up! If everyone else can do them, then so can you. Just take a few days to master these awesome hair tutorials and down the road all the other parents in town will be begging you for your secret! Fight through the frustration (trust me, I didn't even know how to do a French braid until last week), because it'll be worth it when you see your little girl smiling.

French Wrap

I know how overwhelming this is for you, but this cute French wrap isn't all that complicated. See the tutorial here.

Bold Bun

Being young doesn't mean you can't rock a sweet looking bun! See the tutorial here.

Long Waves

These curly locks are so gorgeous! Just pop in a few accessories to add a little flare. See tutorial here.

Fishtail Braid Pigtails

Pigtails just got so much cuter! If you're already a fan of the fishtail, then you'll love this. See tutorial here.

Faux Hawk

Not only is this edgy, but your daughter doesn't even need short hair! See tutorial here.

Cinnamon Roll Updo

This is probably the most fabulous updo I've seen in years! I might even borrow this look. See tutorial here.

Pigtails Without a Part

As much as I loved pigtails, I had that horrid part down the middle of my head. We all know what it looked like. See the tutorial here.

Triple Chevron

Your little girl is going to be so classy! See the tutorial here.

Half Up, Half Down with Fishtail Braids

Sure, everyone knows how to do a half up, half down do, but incorporating these fishtail braids makes it look so much more elegant. See the tutorial here.

The S-Braid

OK, I know you want to give up before even trying this hairstyle but once you learn it you'll be so proud of yourself. Plus your child will be the talk of the town. See the tutorial here.

Braided Bun

Once you've mastered the bold bun, try out this adorable braided bun. You're moving on up in the world! See the tutorial here.

Ponytail Veil

This look is great both for casual and formal events! See the tutorial here.

Chunky Knot

Side ponytails and braids just got a whole lot cooler. I mean how awesome is this? See the tutorial here.

Diagonal Knots

Sometimes having a fringe in your face all day can really get annoying. This pulled back look will fix all your daughter's problems, especially in the heat of summer. See the tutorial here.

Dutch Braid

Please, can someone teach me?! See the tutorial here.

French Braided Side Ponytail

Admittedly it took me quite some time to learn how to do a French braid, but this French braided side ponytail looks easy peasy. See the tutorial here.

Bow Bun

Lady Gaga would be proud of your little monster if she rocked a hairstyle like this. See the tutorial here.


Can anyone say Disney princess? This seems like something Belle would be into. See the tutorial here.

Starburst Crown Braid

This updo is killing it! Of course this is a more advanced hairstyle, but I believe in you! See the tutorial here.

Side Dutch Braids & Bows

Every little girl loves a good bow! And braids on top of that? This is a definite winner. See the tutorial here.

What's your go-to hairstyle for your daughter? Tweet us @soFeminineUK!

This article was written by Emma Goddard. Follow her on Twitter @egoddardhokie.

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